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Wildlife Pest Removal

Wildlife Woes? Brody Brothers Is Ready to Ride to Your Rescue!

Raccoons, squirrels, snakes and other critters may be fun to watch in the wild or in nature documentaries but they’re not amusing when they create havoc inside your home or spoil your enjoyment of your yard or garden.

Different Pests Bring Different Problems

Wildlife can cause a variety of problems, from the raccoons that raid your trash cans and scatter the contents each night to the squirrels who decide that your attic makes an attractive nest for their family. And finding a snake or a bat inside your home can be downright scary!

If you’re unsure which creature has taken up residence in your attic, basement or back yard, you can rely on the experts of Brody Brothers Pest Control in Maryland to locate the tell-tale signs to correctly identify the pest. We’ll then draw up a plan of attack to get those uninvited guests off the premises.

Our Pest Control Team Can Help You with Wildlife Invaders Like These:

Taming Your Wildlife Pest Problem

Brody Brothers follows the Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control, identifying the problem and finding solutions that will not only remove the current problem but also help prevent similar difficulties in the future.

  • It starts with a thorough inspection of your home and premises to look for any conditions that will attract the wildlife.
  • We will work with you to eliminate those attractions.
  • For wildlife that has already taken up residence, we will use proven, safe and effective methods to get them out of your building permanently.
  • We’ll suggest steps you can take to avoid these problems in the future.

Whatever the wildlife pest, Brody Brothers has the experience and the programs that will keep out the invaders so you can once again fully enjoy your home and your yard.

Why Wildlife Pest Control is Best Left to the Brody Brothers Experts

Pests like insects and ants can cause damage in your home but the larger creatures in Maryland like squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife can destroy a lot more in a shorter amount of time. They can also pose a health threat to your family; raccoons, for example, are known carriers of rabies. So you don’t want to waste time eliminating these threats to your family and your property.

When you call in the experts at Brody Brothers, you can have confidence knowing that you’re relying on trained professionals who understand the habits of each type of creature and know what’s most effective in getting them under control.

How to Discourage Wildlife Invasions

Follow these practices to reduce the likelihood that raccoons, foxes, squirrels and similar creatures will decide to make your home their home:

  • Keep trash cans securely closed.
  • Remove sources of food such as bird feeders or bowls of pet food.
  • Seal up any openings in your attic area.
  • Keep tree branches away from roof.
  • Install a chimney cap.

Since each type of wild creature has its own way of sneaking inside your home, calling on the professionals who know all their tricks is your best defense against them. Give Brody Brothers Pest Control of Maryland a call today to safely remove wildlife from your home or business.

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