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Rodent Removal in Baltimore, MD

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Professional Rodent Exterminators in Baltimore, MD

Disease-spreading rodents, like mice and rats, are pests that you never want to see inside your Baltimore home. They can contaminate food and destroy walls and furnishings, and the damage they cause by gnawing on electrical wiring can potentially cause fires.

It’s important to hire a team of professional mice exterminators in Baltimore to handle the problem quickly.

At Brody Brothers Pest Control, our team is highly-trained to get rid of mice and rats in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. We pride ourselves on using the latest, most effective methods to getting them out of your home.

To schedule rat or mouse pest control in Baltimore or a surrounding area, give us a call at (410) 653-2121 or contact us online!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a Home Protection Plan customer, if you’re not satisfied with our pest control service, we will service your home at no additional cost until your issue is solved or receive your money back from your last scheduled service.

Baltimore Rat and Mice Exterminators Setting Rodent Traps
Our Mouse and Rat Removal Process

To achieve the best results for residential and commercial owners, Brody Brothers takes an integrated management approach to rodent extermination. We will:

  • Perform a thorough rat and mouse inspection of your property to identify entryways
  • Work with you to seal any access holes
  • Help you eliminate any conditions that are attracting rodents to your home or business
  • Locate any spots where the rats or mice have already settled in and use targeted treatments to eliminate their presence
  • Continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to prevent future rodent invasions

Don’t let rodents ruin your food, your home, or your peace of mind. Choose professional rodent removal services in Baltimore by calling Brody Brothers today at (410) 653-2121!

How Do Rodents Get Into Your Baltimore Home?

Mice and rats can find many different ways into your home. They can squeeze through very small holes or cracks in foundations, and once inside can climb up the sides of your home. If you have bushes and trees attached to your home, they may enter the home through an attic opening! Not to mention, rats have been known to travel through sewer lines. If you have holes around an area where a pipe is entering your home, a rodent can find it and make itself (and its family) at home.

At Brody Brothers, we know how to find all these hidden pathways and how to plug them up to prevent further rodent invasions into your home or business. Our professional rodent exterminators in Baltimore will rid your home or business of any pests that have taken up residence.

If you’d like to know more about the specific rodent pests that are likely to invade your home, check out the following pages or contact Brody Brothers for a professional consultation:

Our Rodent Exterminators Get Rid of Mice and Rats in Baltimore MD

Get Rid of Rodents from Your Baltimore Home

Don’t live in a home with a rat or mouse infestation. It’s uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unsafe—and you deserve a quality lifestyle.

At Brody Brothers, we offer rodent removal services in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Carroll County, Maryland.

Don’t risk your family’s health or your own peace of mind. Contact Brody Brothers today at and we’ll deal with your Baltimore rodent problem in quickly and effectively.