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Field Mice Removal

Field Mice Removal
Class/Order/Family: Mammalia/Rodentia/Muridae
Other Names: white-footed mouse
Color: brown black with white belly, feet and tail
Size: 5 to 8 inches including the tail
Diet: seeds, grains, berries, nuts, insects
Hazard: can transmit more than 35 disease and this guy is a major reservoir host of Lyme's Disease bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi
Interesting Fact: field mice like to stockpile their food during the autumn in preparation for Baltimore’s winter months.
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Why Field Mice Can Be a Problem in Your Home

Field mice are only three to four inches long (without the tail that can be as long as the body), but the problems they create for Baltimore homeowners can be pretty significant:

  • Their urine, feces, and saliva can carry the Hantavirus, a respiratory illness that can be fatal.
  • They are carriers of Lyme disease bacteria(Borrelia burgdorferi), passing it on to ticks, which pass it on to people.
  • Mice can gnaw at electrical wiring in a home, causing fires.
  • They can damage upholstered furniture, mattresses, papers, and other materials that they use to line their nests.

You will know you have a field mice infestation when you hear scratching in the walls at night (these pests are nocturnal) or come across mice droppings on kitchen counters, inside drawers, or other areas of the home.

Where Field Mice Hide in Your Home

Field mice are quite content living outdoors in Maryland and nesting in hollow logs or other animals’ abandoned nests. However, they won’t pass up an opportunity to move into your home, especially as the winter approaches. They can easily crawl in through dryer vents, damaged windowsills, door sills, chimneys, and virtually any hole as small as ¼ inch in diameter.

These pests make their nests in crawl spaces, garages, basements, and other areas where they are likely to remain undisturbed. They are energetic reproducers, with females having four or more litters of two to nine babies each year. Field mice can gnaw through wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and insulating foam.


Our Process for Removing Field Mice From Your Home

Field mice are good at staying hidden, but our team at Brody Brothers can get them out and keep them out. The first step to field mice control is a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior and interior to identify and eliminate potential entryways for mice. Next, we’ll determine the most effective type of rodent devices, and place them near the areas, where mice are living and breeding.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a Home Protection Plan customer, if you’re not satisfied with our pest control service, we will service your home at no additional cost until your issue is solved or receive your money back from your last scheduled service.

5 Tips for Keeping Field Mice Out of Your Home
  • Make sure that even small cracks and holes on the exterior of your home such as a high quality sealant that mice can’t chew through.
  • Keep woodpiles away from your home and make sure your trash can lids are secured tight.
  • Keep your attic, basement, garage, and crawlspace free of clutter.
  • Store bird seed, grass seed, dog food, and grains in rodent-proof containers.
  • Trim trees and brushes touching your home – field mice are excellent climbers.

Why Choose Brody Brothers for Field Mice Removal in Baltimore, MD?

We have been servicing Baltimore’s pest control needs for over 40 years! Instead of do it yourself pest control, we provide professional, safe and effective pest control to your home and family.

Now in its second generation of pest control specialists, Brody Brothers has grown into one of the best pest control companies around the Greater Baltimore Area.

Don’t let this little pest make a big mess in your home. Call Brody Brothers at 410-653-2121 to reach our expert Baltimore exterminators and get rid of your pest problem today.

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