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Thief Ants

Thief Ants
Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Formicidae
Other Names: grease ant
Color: yellowish to light brown
Size: 1/32” – 1/16”
Legs: 6
Diet: almost anything, but prefer protein
Hazard: may contaminate food, carry tapeworm
Interesting Fact: Because of its size, this ant is often confused with pharaoh ant.
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Are Thief Ants Stealing Your Peace of Mind?

Thief ants got their name from stealing (and eating) eggs and larvae of other ant species. As you can tell, they prefer a high-protein diet, which is why they often nest close to other ants and, sometimes, make their way into our homes to feed on food debris. Outdoors, they can be found under mulch, rocks or rotting wood. Inside, they usually establish nests behind baseboards, underneath the flooring and even inside cabinetry.

Why Maryland Thief Ants Are Unwelcome in Your Kitchen

Thief ants are very small, but they are easy to spot when they raid your kitchen. Residential pests like these are more of a nuisance than danger, but they are known to feed on dead rodents, which means they can contaminate your food. Thief ants may also carry tapeworm, and their small size allows them to invade certain types of food packaging. Besides, the sight of ants rummaging through your kitchen can make anyone feel uneasy.

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These Ants Might be Hard to Find, But We Know Where to Look

These tiny thief ants typically have small colonies with multiple queens. Because their nests are so well-hidden, it’s often a challenge to locate it. Our residential pest management specialists will identify ants’ foraging trails and place bait that can be carried by thief ants back to the nest. We will then treat the exterior perimeter of your home to prevent ants from finding the way in. It’s likely there are other ant species on your property that thief ants used to feed on, so we’ll take care of them as well.

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