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Mosquito & Tick Control

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Mosquitos & Ticks Are a Health Concern. Get Rid of Them Now…

Mosquitoes and ticks are not only a nuisance, they create a health concern as well.

If you’re experiencing a mosquito or tick problems in or around your home, contact us and we’ll walk you through your options and provide the best possible solution for your pest problem.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a Home Protection Plan customer, if you’re not satisfied with our pest control service, we will service your home at no additional cost until your issue is solved or receive your money back from your last scheduled service.

Mosquito Control

Our treatment includes two parts.

Barrier Treatment

A barrier treatment where our team focuses on treating adult mosquito resting sites.

Source Reduction

involves eliminating or treating mosquito larva and pupa areas.

Barrier Treatment

This treatment not only kills mosquitoes on contact, but is also able to prevent their return for 21 days after treatment. Our team will perform these treatments every 21 days during the mosquito breading season.

The formula we use during this treatment settles on foliage, and when mosquitoes lay on their normal resting sites, they’re killed.

Adult mosquitoes spend the day hiding under leaves of dense trees and shrubs and any other location that provides shade and protection from wind.  At Brody Brothers, we have specialized equipment that allow our products to go deep into mosquito resting sites.

We are also careful in choosing locations to spray. We typically spray bushes where mosquitoes rest, but we are conscious of locations where children play, gardens with edible plants growing, etc. Our team keeps in mind your yard’s unique setting, and we will plan our treatment accordingly.

Mosquitoes are also likely to congregate in cool areas under leaves, so it’s important to keep your bushes trimmed and neatly managed.

If you’re interested in a more natural approach, we carry a full line of natural products as well.

Source Reduction

In order to prevent future mosquitoes from calling your yard home, it’s important to pay attention to areas they commonly use as breeding grounds.

Some common backyard mosquito breeding grounds include:

  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Depressions in the ground that collect water
  • Bird baths and fountains
  • Uncovered buckets and trash cans
  • Saucers for plant pots
  • Children’s toys
  • Dripping hoses

Overall, it’s important to eliminate as many sources of standing water as possible. For those sources of standing water that you’re unable to get rid of, we have treatments so don’t have to.

If you have a bird bath in your yard that cannot be removed or a small pond, we can treat it with a product that targets mosquito larvae before they’re capable of biting. It naturally degrades and will not harm humans, dogs, cats, fish, or waterfowl.

Mosquitoes require water to lay eggs, so stagnant water in your lawn is prime breeding ground.

Tick Control & Treatment

Deer ticks, also known as the Blacklegged tick, are responsible for Lyme disease. They are three-host ticks and live through the following three phases: larva, nymph, and adult.

To complete their lifestyle, they must find a different host for each of their three stages. When they’re in their larva and nymph stage, they look for small rodents to feed off. We start our treatment by placing nesting material for mice into rodent harborage around your property. The material is treated with a product similar to head lice shampoos. Mice carry the nesting material back to their homes, killing ticks on the mice and in around their nests. This reduces ticks on your property and the surrounding areas as well. Field mice have a home range of one half to three acres, because they travel over large areas and not just your yard.

The second phase influences all transition zones wood/yard edge and rodent harborage areas with a long lasting residual product. Adult ticks are active during the late summer and fall. They are known to feed on larger host in Maryland, such as the white-tailed deer. Treatment consists of treating areas where large wildlife or people are active, as well as all transition zones like wood and yard edge.

These treatments focus on key timing and placement of products. You can rest assured that the Brody SWAT Team performs these treatment with the safety of your family, your pets, and environment in mind.

It can take 2-4 years for ticks to complete their life cycle. Female ticks can lay 4,000-6,500 eggs so it is important to maintain regular treatment.

Simple Tick & Mosquito Prevention Tips

  • Get rid of breeding sites
  • Remove loose tarps
  • Clean clogged gutters and gutter extensions
  • Make sure toys are not collecting water. Even small amounts invite mosquitoes
  • Remove items stored under the deck yard
  • Make sure potted plants and their saucers have drainage holes
  • Make sure lawn drains are functional

  • Keep grass cut sort
  • Remove debris, especially the around wood/yard edge
  • Avoid placing piles of leaves, sticks and grass clippings.
  • Place children play equipment far away from the wood lawn edge
  • Reduce attractiveness to wildlife especially field mice by removing bird feeders and getting rid of
    wood piles
  • Wear long pants and use an insect repellant when hiking in the woods or fields and check for ticks
    when done
  • Always use tweezers or tick spoons (free to Brody Brother customers). Use by removing slowly with constant pressure. Try not to crush or break apart the tick. Avoid touching the tick with your bare hands.