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Odorous House Ant Control

Odorous House Ant Control
Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Formicidae
Other Names: sugar ant, small black ant
Color: black to light brown
Size: 1/16″
Legs: 6
Diet: excretions of plant lice, nectar, sweet juices
Hazard: may contaminate food, may bite when threatened
Interesting Fact: in urban environment, they can be found in the trash, inside drink cups and soda cans
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How Will I Know When I've Found a Sugar Ant?

Odorous house ants get their name from the strong rotten coconut smell they emit when crushed. These ants are nomadic and are always on the move.

Because they live for several years and build a network with many queens and loosely connected nests, their population can get very large, sometimes surpassing the 100,000 mark.

If you see large numbers of ants around the kitchen sink, dishwasher, pet food, bathrooms or pantry, you are likely dealing with odorous house ants. They have a sweet tooth and will forage the areas where you are likely to spill sugary liquids or leave sweet food.

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Odorous House Ant Removal in Baltimore

As long as the Baltimore weather has been nice and the food is in abundance, odorous house ants can live outside. They nest in mulch beds, sheds, mail boxes, retaining walls and plants that are infested with plant lice. When food becomes scarce they raid your kitchen, and when the outdoor environment becomes inhospitable, such as in winter, they may move indoors, where they nest in water damaged wood, near heating pipes and air vents, and under the floor.

Ants are our number one pest in Baltimore and this ant is by far the most problematic ant species our exterminators deal with.

Due to large populations spread-out across multiple nests, it’s often difficult to pin-point all of the hiding spots of odorous house ants. While treating the kitchen surfaces may seem to do the trick, it’s crucial that our pest exterminators also locate and treat the nests, as well as discourage the ants from moving in.

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How to Prevent Sugar Ants From Invading Your Home
  • Clean up any spills right away, especially anything sweet.
  • If the ants are already there, spray them with a soap and water mixture (2 oz. of hand soap to a quart of water) and clean the area. This will kill the ants and get rid of the chemical trails, which attracts more ants.
  • Keep pet food areas clean, especially the food bowl.
  • Make sure to fix any leaky sinks, windows, or showers right away.
  • Don’t use sprays against ants – they will only mask the problem, while covering your kitchen surfaces with dangerous chemicals.

Remember that just treating the area won’t solve the problem. More ants will return from their nests and continue to invade your home and business.

Small Black Ant Exterminators in Baltimore, MD

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