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Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter Ant Removal
Class/Order/Family: insect
Other Names: big black ant
Color: light/dark black to light red
Size: 5/8"
Legs: 6
Diet: excretions of plant lice, nectar, sweet juices, and other insects
Hazard: damage wood
Interesting Fact: worker carpenter ants can lift 7 times their own weight. It is as if a man lifts a car with his teeth!
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How to Tell if You Are Dealing with Carpenter Ants in Maryland

Use the picture to visually identify the ants: carpenter ants are fairly large and are typically black or dark brown in color, but may also have some light red parts. Interestingly, they don’t eat the wood, but they do make tunnels in it to establish connections between the different sections of the nest.

Their favorite food comes from the excretions of plant lice, such as aphids, called honeydew. Their nest can become fairly large with up to 50,000 workers in large colonies, but only one queen. These nocturnal insects can travel long distances from their nest looking for food up to 300 feet away from the colony.

Reasons for Carpenter Ant Invasions

Carpenter ants get their name from their nesting habit, which is living in water damaged, and decaying wood. In nature, they live in the hollows of live and dead trees or tree stumps. On your property, they may find a home in wall voids, insulation, hollow doors and any other wooden structures with excess moisture.

Some other signs that indicate you have a carpenter ant infestation are:

  • Wood shavings or sawdust-like shavings on the floor, sometimes seen with dead ants.
  • Swarming winged ants
  • Presence of live ants foraging for food
  • A rustling sound heard inside the wooden structures
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Carpenter ants just live inside the wood, unlike termites that also eat it. This makes carpenter ants less of a danger to your home’s structural integrity.

However, when a population of carpenter ants is left untreated, the colony will grow and spread, taking over more resources and causing serious damage. It’s better to contact a pest control professional at the first signs of an infestation.

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