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Acrobat Ant Removal

Acrobat Ant Removal
Class/Order/Family: Insecta/Hymenoptera/Formicidae
Color: light brown to black
Size: 1/16"
Legs: 6
Diet: excretions of plant lice, nectar, sweet juices
Hazard: damage wood, cable insulation, may bite
Interesting Fact: acrobat ants swing their abdomens up intending to threaten a potential predator, while in the past they had a venomous stinger that was once their real weapon.
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How to Know if Acrobat Ants Are in Your Home

Acrobat ants have a distinctive heart-shaped abdomen that you can see in the photo. They got their name from their ability to raise the abdomen above their head, typically when they feel threatened. “Acrobat” may also refer to the way they can get into your home by walking on cable lines or thin branches.

They are smaller than carpenter ants, but have similar diet and nesting habits. If you notice acrobat ants in your Baltimore area home, you may see them around a decaying tree stump or damp woodpile. They prefer the diet of honeydew, a waste product of insects like aphids that feed on tree sap.

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What You Should Know About Acrobat Ants
  • They can nest behind your home’s siding or near leaky roofing.
  • If you didn’t replace or seal the damaged wood after a termite or carpenter ant infestation, acrobat ants will be happy to move into the existing tunnels.
  • Like most ants, acrobat ants travel along scent trails. If you notice a line of ants marching toward your home or business scavenging for resources inside, ring the alarm and call Brody Brothers today!
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Acrobat ant colonies are typically not that large. However, regardless of the size, they still can damage wood, insulation and invade your kitchen in their search for food.

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