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Keeping Maryland Homes Pest Free Since 1984

Family-Owned & Operated Pest Control. 5-star Rated By Local Homeowners Like You.

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As a Home Protection Plan customer, if you’re not satisfied with our pest control service, we will service your home at no additional cost until your issue is solved or receive your money back from your last scheduled service.
Maryland’s Home & Commercial Pest Control Experts Since 1984
Since 1984, Brody Brothers Pest Control has worked hard to keep homes and commercial properties in and around Baltimore pest-free. We are a family owned and operated pest control and extermination service that is now on its second generation of experts. This invaluable experience and knowledge passed from father to son has helped us become one of the most trusted pest control services in the area. When you’ve got unwanted visitors in your home, Brody Brothers should be your first and last call!

What Our Clients Are Saying

4.9 star rating from 1,037 Google reviews

“I can’t thank Broady Brothers enough for their expertise and customer service. Mike (my area technician) was patient, answered all my questions and did a thorough inspection. I feel confident my pest issue will be resolved with the service provided. I would recommend Brody Brothers to all of my friends!”
Lisa Freeman
Owings Mills, MD
“When I began researching a pest control company I wondered if all the 5 star reviews were legit. Now I know they are. Leland is a friendly, knowledgeable pro and I know our pest issues will soon be a thing of the past. We can let Brody Bros worry about them now and we can get on with life. Highly recommended!”
Dave Cooper
Reisterstown, MD
“They are always working to figure out how to get rid of our field mice problem. When one method doesn’t work, they try another.”
Susan Brenner
Stevenson, MD

Why Thousands Of Customers Have Chosen Us For Pest Control

Why Our L.E.A.D. Approach To Pest Control Works

Our approach to pest management sets us apart. Our LEAD system combines the most effective pest prevention techniques with an environmentally conscious mindset.

Our first step is to listen to our customers during our initial consultation, and get to know their needs and individual concerns. This personalized service is the hallmark of our company and our approach to pest management.
Next, we survey your property for pests and damage, followed by recommending a targeted, tailor-made response that considers the unique habits, biology and life cycles of the pests on your property, as well as your specific environment.
We implement your customized strategy on day one, using the most effective, least toxic methods available. This will eliminate current pests and prevent them from returning.
Preventing future infestations is at the core of the LEAD system. Along with our targeted pest control treatment, our home protection quarterly service plan provides a personalized prevention program with regular updates and inspections for Maryland homes.

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Many people freeze when they hear the word “snake,” especially when talking about venomous ones. We fear the pain and agony that come with a venomous snakebite and are terrified of ever crossing paths with one. Even the state of Maryland has venomous snakes that you should be aware of. There are 27 different snake
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