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Class: rodent
Other names:
woodchuck, whistle pig
: brown, gray or dark green
about 10 lbs.
grass, leaves, vegetables, some fruits, berries, insects, etc.
Natural predators:
fox, wolf, bobcat, coyote
raid gardens, dig lawns, can damage foundations by borrowing, may carry rabies and attack if cornered
Interesting Fact:
Groundhogs can climb trees and fences.

Brody Brothers Can Solve Your Maryland Groundhog Problems

Groundhogs are quite common in Maryland – so common you probably have one living on your property. Humans and groundhogs can coexist just fine, but sometimes your furry neighbor can become somewhat of a nuisance.

If any of this sounds familiar you might have a groundhog problem:

  • A large den hole with dirt and the entrance about 12 inches in diameter, especially around patio or under sheds
  • The vegetables in your garden go missing or appear half-eaten
  • Trees on your property have gnaw marks
  • Regular live sightings of a groundhog
  • You’ve noticed structural damage to your deck or other wooden structures

Don’t worry – all your groundhog troubles will soon be over. Just call Brody Brothers and we’ll send our team to trap and safely relocate Maryland groundhogs from your property. We’ll also fill their burrows to ensure no other animal decides to make it their home.

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to discourage groundhogs from nesting on your property, but there are a few things you can do:

  • Keep the grass short – groundhogs like tall grass that provides shelter
  • Eliminate wood piles
  • Place tall and deep fencing around groundhog’s objects of interest, such as your garden, fruit trees, garden sheds, etc.

Why Hire A Professional When Getting Rid of Groundhogs

There are other means to get groundhogs in Baltimore to leave, such as blocking the burrow openings, applying repellent smells to their habitat or scaring them away with motion devices. These methods might work in some cases, but there is no guarantee the groundhog moves far enough. It may simply relocate within your property, which does not solve the problem.

Professional wildlife trapping and relocation is the most humane and secure way to remove groundhogs from your property. Call Brody Brothers in Baltimore, MD today to have the groundhogs gone tomorrow: 443-379-8857


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