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Defending Your Kitchen: How to Repel Ants this Spring

Why do ants love your kitchen?

Ants are scavengers, and there is no better place to search for unattended household scraps than in the kitchen. As long as there is a source, the ants will continue to return. The warm temperatures of springtime are the perfect conditions for ants to explore to feed or house their colonies. Simultaneously, spring rain will force the ants inside, and they congregate where they can find food.

What can you do?

Here are a few quick tips to repel ants and discourage them from invading your kitchen this spring:

  • Clean up all crumbs after every meal. Wipe down your counters and tables with warm soapy water for the best results at removing all food residue. Ensure that no crumbs are sitting out on the surface or hiding in crevices or corners.
  • Dry your counters, sinks, and floors thoroughly. Ants are very attracted to standing water. Puddles can build up after cleaning the counters, doing the dishes, uncleaned spills, or using the sink.
  • Take the trash out quickly after throwing out odorous food. Remember, ants love sugary treats!
  • Store food in baggies and airtight containers. Do not leave any food uncovered.
  • Sweep the floor thoroughly and often.

Finding the Ant Colony

If ants continue to appear even after you have taken all of these steps, you may have a colony in or near your home. Finding these colonies can be challenging if there is not an obvious trail of ants to follow. Brody Brothers can assist you in eliminating the colony promptly. We deal with the five most common ant species in Maryland and will work with you to determine a plan that works for you and your situation.

Curious what Maryland ant species you are dealing with?

Take a look at these suspects common in Maryland:

General Upkeep to Repel Ants

Ants are very common in Maryland in the spring. Despite the fact that your house seems to be getting messier as the kids get more excited for the end of school, remember to keep up with proper food storage and appropriate cleaning of food and water to repel ants. Even if you do not think your home is at risk, a light June rain may just be enough to make your kitchen look very appealing to some ants who need shelter and food. Ants are attracted to many common kitchen ingredients. If you live in an area that is prone to getting ants, be attentive to the state of your kitchen, and wipe down counters often with warm soapy water. Keeping up with your kitchen cleaning will go a long way in encouraging the ants to scavenge elsewhere this spring. 

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