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Do DIY Bed Bug Treatments Work?

The Truth About DIY Bed Bug Treatments in Baltimore Crawling into bed at night shouldn’t involve creepy-crawly creatures like bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs have been around since Egyptian times and even found inside tombs. Today, homeowners search for a reliable bed bug treatment to get rid of these critters. If you are looking for
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How to Get Rid of Ground Bees

The Guide to Getting Rid of Ground Bees When thinking about bees, many homeowners picture beehives with bees buzzing through the air. While ground bees in Maryland can fly, not all bees live in hives like honeybees do. In fact, a staggering 70% of bee species in the U.S. nest underground. When it comes to
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Are Ticks Dangerous to You & Your Pets?

Your Guide to Ticks in Baltimore and Montgomery County Spring is here in Baltimore and many of us, including our pets, want to spend time outside. Whether it’s in your backyard or on a hike in the woods, people are concerned about ticks. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get away from ticks entirely if you are
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