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Yard Pest Control in Baltimore, MD

Whether you’re soaking up the summer sun, hosting barbecues in the backyard, or raking leaves in colder months, one thing remains true: pests are always a bother. Not only are these unwanted visitors annoying, allowing insects to linger in your yard makes your lawn more susceptible to becoming their dinner.

Not only that, some insects can also carry and transmit diseases, causing allergic reactions in both people and pets. Whether these creatures stay in your yard or find ways to sneak into your home, you need to call a professional to fix the problem.

If pests are causing problems in your yard, call us now at 410-653-2121 and we’d be happy to offer estimates, answer questions, and investigate any pest problem you may have!

Lawn Pest Control Services

To keep your lawn free of pests, we cover all the bases. Our exterminators have an expert knowledge of common pests and we use a timely and targeted approach to get the job done.

Our yard pest control treatments include first identifying the problem, the pests’ location, and the severity of the infestation. Our exterminators then kill pests around the perimeter of your home, preventing any from entering through small crevices. We also eliminate insects that could damage your lawn, as well as target mosquito and ticks because of the diseases they carry.

How to Avoid Outdoor Pest Problems

Even though experiencing yard pest problems is inevitable at times, there are some preventative measures you can take to decrease the likelihood of that happening.

  • Ban Standing Water: By leaving still water out in your yard, you’re almost inviting mosquitoes in. Standing water is their ideal breeding ground and even water in your gutters or kiddie pool could attract them.
  • Keep Garbage Cans Closed: An uncovered trash can or recycling bin could attract flies and ants to your leftover food and sticky cans. Keep these closed and as far down your driveway as possible.
  • Attract Birds: Planting small tree or installing a birdhouse or bath is a great way to attract birds to your home who would, in turn, eat some bothersome insects.
  • Keep Your Grass Trimmed: Insects love to find homes in tall grass or thick weeds. Trim back the brush in your yard to eliminate the chance of this happening.
  • Choose Bug Repellent Plants: Not only do flowers such as chrysanthemums and marigolds look beautiful, they also help repel insects.

Why Choose Brody Brothers for Lawn Pest Control?

At Brody Brothers, we treat you just like family. We wouldn’t want pests taking over our yard or home, and we treat your home just like we would our own. Your satisfaction is our priority and expert service is our standard.

Schedule a Yard Pest Inspection in Baltimore, Maryland

If outdoor pests are ruining your newly mowed lawn or pestering your family while they’re trying to enjoy the weather, call us now.

Contact our team or call us at 410-653-2121 to schedule your appointment and rid your yard of unwanted pests!