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Mosquito and Tick Control

You’re likely familiar with the unpleasant itch and sting of a bright red mosquito bite. You or your pet may have also been paid a visit by its blood-sucking friend, the tick. Both pests are bothers—and with our mosquito and tick control services, you don’t have to deal with either.

Mosquitoes and ticks exist in similar lifecycles. Both begin as eggs, but while a mosquito then evolves into a larva, pupa, and then adult, a tick goes from a larval to a nymphal, and then an adult.

Our Brody Brothers Pest Control team has solutions to eliminate both of these pests from your yard.

Mosquito Control in Baltimore, MD

When it comes to mosquito control, we recommend one of two options: barrier treatment or source reduction.

Barrier treatment requires our team to come in and spray your yard, while source reduction encourages you to eliminate potential breeding grounds for mosquitos from your property.

Barrier Treatment

This treatment not only kills mosquitos on contact, but is also able to prevent their return for 21 days after treatment. The formula we use during this treatment settles on foliage, and when future mosquitos feed off the plant, they’re killed.

Though this treatment has the intention of killing mosquitoes, an added benefit is that it kills ticks as well.

We are also careful in choosing locations to spray. We typically spray bushes where mosquitos feed but are conscious of locations where children play, gardens with edible plants growing, etc. Our team keeps in mind your yard’s unique setting and we will plan our treatment accordingly.

If you’re interested in barrier treatment, call Brody Brothers at 443-379-8857 and schedule an appointment!

Source Reduction

If you’re looking for a mosquito eliminating treatment that doesn’t involve spraying your yard, source reduction treatment is the way to go.

. In order to prevent future mosquitos from calling your yard home, it’s important to pay attention to areas that are common breeding grounds for them.

Some common backyard mosquito breeding grounds include the following:

  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Depressions in the ground that collect water
  • Bird baths and fountains
  • Uncovered buckets and trash cans
  • Saucers for plant pots
  • Children’s toys
  • Dripping hoses


Mosquitos also like to congregate in cool areas under leaves, so it’s important to keep your bushes trimmed and neatly managed.

Overall, it’s important to eliminate as many sources of standing water as possible. For those sources of standing water that you’re unable to get rid of, we have treatments so you don’t have to.

If you have a bird bath in your yard that cannot be removed or a small pond, we can treat it with a product called Altosid®. This product targets mosquito larvae before they’re capable of biting. It naturally degrades and will not harm humans, dogs, cats, fish, or waterfowl.

Mosquitoes require water in order to lay eggs, so stagnant water in your lawn is prime breeding ground for them.

To learn more about source reduction treatment, contact us online now.

Tick Control in Baltimore, MD

A tick is able to survive by consuming blood from the mammals they latch onto. If they consume blood from someone or something with a disease, they pass this on to the next human or animal they bite. This is why it’s crucial to eliminate ticks from your property as soon as they’re discovered.

Tick Tubes

Tick tubes are small camouflaged tubes that can be places are your yard. They’re filled with cotton swabs saturated with a type of permethrin. This natural substance carries a relatively low toxicity and comes at a very low risk to people and animals.

Mice use these cotton swabs to build nests. The mice aren’t harmed by the substance, but the ticks that are living on the mice or in their nests are killed.

These tubes are a very practical form of tick control because not only do they not involve spraying your yard, they also kill ticks at an early stage. Only adult ticks typically attach themselves to humans and pets, and this approach kills ticks before they reach that stage in their lifecycle.

Ticks are typically out most in the spring and fall months and this treatments should be done May – June or August – September.

We recommend that you use this treatment in addition to the barrier treatment explained earlier.

Simple Tick Prevention

You can do small things to avoid ticks from entering your home and attaching themselves to you, your children, and your pets.

Ticks can get inside homes by perching on the skin of your pet or latching onto a sweater or t-shirt that someone is wearing. If your children or pets have been playing outside, it’s always best to inspect them for ticks before they reenter the home.

Ticks also will stay in attics or crawl spaces. Be sure to check these areas for mice or squirrels or any other small creature; they may be carrying harmful ticks into your home.

If you find a tick on your children, pet, or yourself, remove it carefully to reduce the chance of infection. Use tweezers to carefully remove the tick from skin and try not to crush it in the process. Once it’s removed, plate it inside a bottle with a lid and dispose of it.

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