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The Most Common Myths About Mice

The Most Common Myths About Mice

Mice infestation is a common household problem for many in the United States and especially for those in Baltimore County. Like many things, there tend to be myths that gain traction and twist the truth, which has happened with mice. Become aware of the most common myths about mice so you know what you are dealing with.

Mice Love Cheese

A common thing you see in television programs such as Tom & Jerry is that mice love cheese. This myth isn’t necessarily untrue because mice eat anything in your home. However, food such as peanut butter attracts mice more than cheese.

Mice Are Harmless

Mice are small and quiet creatures, so many people view them as harmless. While mice may not physically attack you, one of the great dangers is that they spread many diseases. Therefore, a mice infestation is a serious issue in your home that requires your attention.

A Cat Will Take Care of The Issue

In addition to thinking mice are harmless, people also believe that if they have a cat, they will take care of the mice issue. A cat will naturally hunt down mice that may be in your home. However, if you’re dealing with an infestation, this is more than what a cat can handle. Your best bet for handling mice issue is to get help from a professional pest and termite inspection company in Baltimore County, such as Brody Brothers.

Mice Have No Bones

Another one of the most common myths about mice is they are incredibly flexible, so some people claim rodents don’t have any bones. The truth is, yes, mice are very flexible and can fit through small openings, but they still have internal skeletons that give them this ability.

Mice Are Nocturnal

You’ll find a lot of people believe mice are very active during the nights, making them nocturnal. However, mice can be active at any time of the day—they just prefer to be active at night when it’s likely quiet in your home, so they can search for food.