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Signs There Are Mice in Your Home

Signs There Are Mice in Your Home

Some people find mice cute, while others feel terrified in their presence. Regardless of what you think, mice can spread diseases and cause other problems in your home. Come wintertime, they’ll even try and enter your home so they can survive through the cold temperatures. That’s why it’s important to look out for some of these signs that mice may be living in your home.


One of the easiest signs to tell if you have mice running around is if you notice droppings. Mice’s droppings are about the size of rice and are black. Homeowners usually find them in closets, cabinets, or other dark places. Inspect these areas in your home to see if you notice any droppings.

Foul Odor

If there is a heavy mouse infestation or a nesting sight nearby, you may smell a foul odor. In addition to mice leaving little black droppings around the house, you may also smell their urine. A mice’s urine can be difficult to spot, but you’ll likely smell it. The urine’s smell can be quite foul—almost like Ammonia. The source of a bad smell in your home could be several things, but one cause you should seriously consider is mice.

Scratching Sounds

Another sign that there may be mice in your home can be quite startling. If you hear any scratching sounds within your walls, or pitter-patter in your ceilings this is a telltale sign that there may be mice behind them. While mice are usually extremely quiet, this is one of the few instances when you can hear them.

Grease Marks

Mice travel alongside walls, and because of this, they can leave marks on them. Mice become dirty due to how they travel, Mice have natural oils on their skin fur and they easily pick up grease on their fur. This grease that mice carry can then get on your wall as they run alongside it. A grease mark found on your wall from mice is usually small and black.


If you start to notice nests, you may have mice in your home. A mice’s nest usually consists of what resources are available to them in your home. These nest items that mice will gather include shredded paper and string, wall or ceiling insulation. They typically prepare their nests in kitchens behind refrigerators, dishwashers, and other motorized appliances.

If you notice these signs in your home and believe you may have an infestation, recruit our professional pest control services in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team can fix your potential mice problem.