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What to Do When Mice Infest Your Home

Did Mice Take Over Your Home?

House mice in Maryland are very resourceful animals, as you might have noticed. As the weather cools down, mice will be looking for a warm place to stay. They are small enough to fit through the tiniest hole, fast enough to travel unnoticed, and as long as you have food, they have it too. The problem is that mice can produce up to 35 young a year.

And while these mice might seem small and harmless, house mice can cause a lot of damage to your property and health:

  • Mouse droppings can contaminate your food and food preparation areas
  • Mice can carry salmonella and other diseases, as well as bring fleas, ticks and lice into your home
  • Mice can cause damage to insulation, drywall, food supplies and other items
  • Wires chewed by mice can lead to house fires

Here Are 4 Tell-Tale Signs that You Have a Mouse Problem:

  • Black rice-shaped droppings in cabinets, closets or other dark, secluded spaces
  • Damaged food packaging in your pantry or stockpile
  • Piles of food, such as pasta or dog food, stashed in odd places
  • Scratching noises behind the walls or inside the ceiling

Why Hire an Exterminator in Maryland If You Can Just Set Traps?

Trapping (or poisoning) mice is the means of population control, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem – mice getting into your home. These pests can enter through foundations cracks, gaps around piping and windows, and virtually any hole the size of a pencil. Believe it or not, if the skull fits, the entire mouse can fit.