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How Do Insects Survive the Winter

You’ve probably noticed that you don’t see too many insects flying or crawling around during the winter. We don’t often think about where these little critters scurry off to as we’re just glad that they’re gone and not infesting our homes. Unique Ways That Insects Survive Winter However, it’s good to be curious! In this
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Common Beetles in Baltimore and Signs of Their Infestation

Brief Introduction: There are three types of beetles that are found in Baltimore. Find out which ones they are and the telltale signs they’re in your home or business. There are three common types of beetles you’re likely to find in Baltimore: carpet beetles, drugstore beetles, and saw-toothed grain beetles. While a beetle infestation doesn’t
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It’s Fall… and That Means More Ladybugs and Spiders

As the weather grows colder during Baltimore’s fall season, small critters and pests search for someplace warm – especially ladybugs and spiders. Your home, which is insulated and heated, is the perfect place for them to nestle in and survive the cold months. This fall, be on the lookout for ladybugs and spiders invading your
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Common Fall Pests: How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs & Boxelder Bugs

When you think about fall, you probably picture pumpkins, changing leaves, bonfires, and Halloween. But there is one more thing that inevitably comes with the fall months in Fort Washington: stink bugs and boxelder bugs. These smelly invaders crawl into your home each fall as the weather starts to get cooler. While they aren’t harmful
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