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7 Reasons DIY Pest Control Can Be a Bad Idea and What to Do Instead

The truth is that DIY pest control rarely works and is potentially harmful to you, your family, your pets, and the environment. It’s always best to hire a professional exterminator to come and take care of your pest infestation with ease and efficiency.

DIY pest control canister sitting next to Rockville garden.

Now, your first thoughts are probably something along the lines of not wanting to spend too much money or wait around for a technician to show up. Fortunately, with Brody Brothers Pest Control, you don’t have to. We show up on time and offer great value and service to our customers. 

Before we get to your all-in-one solution to pest control in the Rockville, MD area, let’s take a deep dive into why you should avoid relying on DIY pest control solutions. 

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Work

Before heading off to your local hardware store in search of DIY pest control products, it’s important to consider some important reasons why this isn’t always the best option.

1. You Likely Won’t Solve the Problem

Many of the retail sprays, poisons, and traps you can get at the store merely put a temporary bandage on a larger pest control problem. While they may get rid of the critters you see at the moment, it doesn’t guarantee they won’t come back in more significant numbers.

It’s no fun to repeatedly “fix” the same pest problem over and over. If you’re searching for a long-lasting solution, you’ll need more than DIY pest control products.

2. You’re Dealing with Hazardous Chemicals

If you aren’t setting traps (and then having to deal with the results yourself), you’re most likely spraying strong and hazardous chemicals around that will only temporarily get rid of pests in and around your home. This isn’t always safe for your family. 

The EPA published a study showing the impact of using pesticides on the air quality when used indoors. You could breathe in or ingest dangerous chemicals if you do not use the right substance or methods.

Maryland homeowner getting swarmed by wasps from trying diy pest control

3. Dangerous Accidents

Now that we’ve discussed the harmful chemicals that are found in these DIY pest control products, we have to talk about the reality of dangerous accidents.

When you are not sure how to use a product or handle insect extermination properly, you expose yourself to the risk of an accident or getting hurt.

It isn’t just the product you have to beware of, though. It’s the pests themselves, sometimes.

For example, if you’re trying to get rid of a wasp or yellow jacket nest on your own there’s a possibility you could get stung or chased by a swarm. If this is the case, we highly recommend you look at our article about what to do when a wasp chases you

4. Risk of Using the Wrong Product

If this is your first experience with an infestation, you may find yourself standing in a store aisle staring at shelves of different products, all claiming to do the same thing. You read the boxes and hold two products in your hands, comparing them.

Unfortunately, since you do not have the expertise and training of a professional exterminator, you aren’t sure what is truly the best product. You’re at the hands of a product’s advertising right now!

If you use the wrong product, you could risk harm to yourself or your family, or it may not be effective in solving the problem at all. Therefore, you’ll find yourself back at the store searching for yet another solution.

5. Leaving the Root Problem Untreated

The issue with using DIY pest control is the root of the problem is often left untreated. These products and methods will likely only take care of the pest problems you can see. Lingering issues can still be lurking in your walls, attic, or underneath your house.  

Professional pest control services can identify and get to the underlying causes of your pest control problem to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again. 

6. Spending More Time and Money

One of the most common reasons people don’t want to call a professional exterminator is because they are afraid to spend a lot of money. But what if we told you that DIY pest control could actually cost you more in the long run?

Imagine buying products every few months or so to temporarily solve your problem. Add in the time you spend driving back and forth to the store, researching products and solutions, and the time it takes to apply the pesticide (and hope it works) – it’s quite a lot of time, money, and energy spent.

Sad dog hurting from diy pest control injury in Arcadia, MD

7. Potential Harm to Family, Pets, and the Environment

We’ve discussed how DIY pest control products contain harmful chemicals and the possibility of personal injury, but there is a great risk of harming your family, pets, and the environment.

If the product is not administered correctly or stored properly, you could be putting your family in danger. Another study (referenced in the EPA study link above) by the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that 79,000 children were involved in common household pesticide poisonings or exposures.

Keep Your Family Safe With Brody Brothers Pest Control

To ensure the safety of yourself and your family and to get effective extermination, you’ll want to call Brody Brothers Pest Control. We’ve served Rockville, MD, and the surrounding area for almost three decades, keeping residents and their homes safe from pests. 

With our environmentally safe and effective pest control solutions, you can rest assured your family and home are protected. We also prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why our technicians are prompt and on time for appointments.

But why not prevent a pest control problem before it even starts? Learn more about our Home Protection Plan with routine inspections and seasonal pest control treatments.

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