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Green Pest Control Solutions in Baltimore, MD

Posted on: December 5, 2013

Relying solely on dangerous pesticides to eliminate pests is a thing of the past. The CDC reports that 90 percent of US citizens have a mixture of 43 pesticides in our bodies, many of which we have inhaled from certain pest control techniques. Pesticides have been linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems.

Here at Brody Brothers, getting rid of your pests is important, but keeping you safe is our priority. By using green methods of pest control, we’re able to use safe pesticides and other methods to kill pests, without compromising the health of your family.

If you think your pest problem is better solved with green pest control methods, call Brody Brothers at 410-653-2121 or schedule and appointment online today!

Green Pest Control Methods

Among many others, listed are some of our safest and most effective solutions to eliminating pests:

  • Baits: This is a greener option to kill ants and cockroaches than using dusts or sprays. They also have a low toxicity level for humans.
  • Eliminating Points of Entry: If the entry points pests used to enter your home were sealed, the bugs wouldn’t have gotten in in the first place. We seal these holes and cracks to eliminate unwanted visitors.
  • Habitat Modification: Tweaks to the area around your home can be enough to convince pests to more to a different location.
  • Timed and Targeted Treatments: Our exterminators are knowledgeable in each pest’s behavior and are able to use that information to be smart in choosing solutions.

Why Choose Brody Brothers for Green Pest Control Solutions in Baltimore?

At Brody Brothers, we treat you just like family. As avid users of the integrated pest management approach (IPM), we combine the most effective pest prevention techniques with an environmentally conscious approach. IPM covers pest elimination, control, and prevention, all while making yours and your family’s health a priority.

Schedule an Appointment with Environmental Pest Control Experts in Maryland

If pests have become a problem in your home, turn to the professionals. Our green pest control methods will keep your family and the environment safe, while still getting the job done. Call us now at 410-653-2121 to see if these solutions are the best choice for you.

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