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Are Spiders Creeping into Your House this Fall?

Posted on: November 3, 2014

Look Out for These Spiders in Maryland this Winter:

The Yellow Sac Spider:

Color: pale tan or straw colored to pale greenish or light pale brown
Size: ¼ to ⅜ inches, with females slightly larger than males
Diet: small insects and other spiders

Many people blame the brown recluse when they’re bitten by a spider in their homes, but the yellow sac spider is actually the most common cause of such bites in the U.S. They may get trapped in clothing or bedding and bite in defense when they come in contact with your skin.Yellow sac spiders in Maryland can cause a nasty bite, which can be very painful and last for up to 10 hours and take up to 10 days to heal. Their venom is not very toxic, but it may cause painful allergic reactions in some people, including swelling and blisters.

The Wolf Spider:

Color: Brown, black and gray splotched
Size: ½ to 2 inches
Diet: Ground-dwelling insects and other spiders

With eight eyes and a hairy body up to 2 inches long, wolf spiders can be fairly frightening if you come across them in your home. In addition, these spiders have a painful bite (although not lethal) when they feel threatened.

Did You Know?

Both the Yellow Sac Spider and Wolf Spider don’t weave webs! They come indoors during Maryland winters when they’re looking for warmth.

Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders can be identified by the following traits:

  • A two-part body, with an elongated abdomen
  • Length anywhere from ¼ to ⅜ inches
  • Very long legs compared to the body size
  • Pale yellow, light gray or tan in color
  • Eight legs and eight eyes

House Spiders

House spiders can be identified by the following traits:

  • Dull brown or gray in color so that it can blend in easily
  • Bulbous abdomen
  • Long skinny legs with a spinneret (to help in weaving) on the last segment of the fourth leg ¼ inch long and up to 1 inch wide with legs outspread

To Rid Your Home of House Spiders You Can Try:

  • Vacuuming the webs (and spiders) up and disposing of them outdoors
  • Sealing cracks and crevices around the home that may be letting them in
  • Applying some kind of perimeter treatment to discourage unwelcome visitors

If the cobwebs keep reappearing in your Maryland home or business, it’s time to get professional help with your spider problem. Call Brody Brothers and we’ll help you get the web out.

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