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Brody Brothers is Fully Committed to Customer Safety During COVID-19

Dear Brody Brothers Family,

Thank you for entrusting Brody Brothers Pest Control with the Health and Well-Being of your Home and/or Business.

Brody Brothers is Fully Committed to Customer Safety During COVID-19

We have come up on the One-Year Anniversary of the life-changing COVID-19 Pandemic. Having to adapt to a new normal and adjusting our day-to-day lives in addition to keeping up with the ever-changing regulations that vary from location to location- it has been a hectic and confusing year, to say the least. However, as an essential business, Brody Brothers is committed to complying with every regulation in place at every one of our locations.

As long as these regulations and safety practices are needed, you can count on us to abide by them. We are focused on keeping your home safe from unwanted pests and keeping you and your family healthy.  

Precautions Promise: Brody Brothers’ top priority is our customers’ health and safety. Our COVID-19 precautions are still strong and unwavering.

Just as before, we strongly encourage everyone to follow the advice set forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our government leaders. As an organization, we are continuing to take measures to ensure we provide the best level of protection for both our customers and our employees. For more information on the steps we’re taking, please see the CDC’s guidance for businesses, which can be found here.

We are continuing to practice social distancing and wearing our masks, both while in contact with our fellow staff members and face-to-face with our customers.

Please know: Under our masks, we’re smiling and happy to offer a friendly helping hand! In your home, we respect your safety and practice social distancing while working on getting rid of your household pests.

Confirming Interior Appointments

During this time, we are still asking, if you wish to have a confirmed interior/exterior appointment, please reach out to our office to schedule your service directly.

Have you noticed some new unwelcome guests in your home while you’ve been working remotely or staying home more often than before? Brody Brothers is here to help.

We know how tempting it is to try and get rid of these pests yourself, but Give us a call and speak to one of our professional team members about how we can get your unwanted guests out of your home — we guarantee we’ll get rid of them quickly and safely.

Don’t hesitate to ask our Brody Brothers team any questions you may have about our COVID-19 compliance and regulations. In the last year, we have continued our mission in our company’s promise – to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

If you have questions about your routine service or are experiencing a pest control problem, please call our office at (410) 653-2121. We will do our best to provide you with the level of service and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Brody Brothers Pest Control. 

Thank you again for your continued trust, and we wish you safety, health, and peace during this difficult and unprecedented time. We will all get through this together.


Levi and Talis Brody

The Brody Brothers

(410) 653-2121

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