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Reasons Mousetraps Are No Longer Effective

Reasons Mousetraps Are No Longer Effective

Fall is coming to the Baltimore area, and due to the weather shift of the season, rodents, such as mice, will be trying to make their way into your home. A common removal method that people gravitate toward is to use a traditional trap. This requires homeowners to set the mouse traps around their home with bait, like peanut butter, to attract and potentially kill them. However, this is no longer the best option to handle the problem. Here are all the reasons why mouse traps are no longer effective.

You Can’t Eliminate the Source

With the proper bait and placement, a mousetrap can eliminate one mouse—but that’s it—one mouse. If you start to notice that there are rodents in your home, your focus should be on finding the source instead of eliminating them one at a time. If you do notice a mouse in your home, chances are there are more that you haven’t discovered yet. That is why it’s best to enlist the help of an exterminator. They can identify the entry points of entry and employ a solution that will take care of the problem in one sweep.

It Can Cause More Problems

There is also a chance that a mouse will escape the trap, leaving them injured. The injured mouse may then die elsewhere in your home, which can lead to even more problems. A far more effective method would be to get a pest control professional. They can proficiently spot the rodents’ location and eliminate them more efficiently than a simple mousetrap.

If you start to notice signs of mice in your home, the best option is to hire Baltimore County exterminators. They will properly handle the problem before it gets out of hand. Contact Brody Brothers—we’ll take care of your pest problem.