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Mice and Roaches Are Trying to Take Over in Baltimore, MD

Did you know that the most famous building in America has a problem with mice and roaches? The White House has been plagued with a roach and mouse infestation for years, but the infestations are getting worse and worse over time. With so many rooms in The White House, it’s easy to see how thousands of pests could make themselves right at home!

Years of Maintenance Requests

A report by NBC News4 Washington found numerous work requests over a two-year period alerting staff to mice and cockroaches roaming the halls. While some of the requests were for small problems, like ants, others were alarming, like reports of rats in food service areas.

Old Buildings

The most important thing to keep in mind with the spike in roach and mouse-related pest control requests is that The White House is an incredibly old building. The entire District of Columbia also has rodent problems throughout the year. Washington, D.C. was recently awarded fifth place on a list of the “Top 50 Rattiest Cities” compiled by pest control companies. Rats can squeeze through holes that are the size of a quarter, and mice can get through spots that are the size of a dime.

Why Are Roaches and Rodents So Bad?

Aside from potentially trying to stage a coup, roaches and rodents carry a variety of diseases along with them in their feces and urine. When large populations of these rodents are present, they can burrow and lead to cracks in a building’s foundations. Mice and rats can also chew through the electrical wiring in attics, basements and walls. If the problem doesn’t get taken care of, America might just get a surprise when the lights flicker during the next State of the Union!

Pest Control Isn’t Just for Emergencies

Many homeowners pick up the phone to call pest control when a problem already exists, but a successful pest control program will prevent a problem from ever occurring! Mice and roaches will find a way into your home if you don’t have regular check-ups, so it’s important to pick the right partner in Brody Brothers Pest Control. Dealing with a pest problem? You can rest assured that you’re dealing with the same issues that the highest-profile names in our country are!

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