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Make the Most of Maryland’s Summer Activities

August is a beautiful month for spending time outdoors enjoying all that Maryland has to offer. Throughout the state, there are several county fairs and annual activities that the whole family will love. Grab your family and get ready for a fun month of enjoying nature and spending time outside!

Photograph of picnic table in park

State Fairs

The Maryland State Fair is held in Timonium from August 24-September 4. All state and county fairs have displays and competitions for everything you could possible imagine: art, crafts, homemade food and baked goods, photography, plants, flowers, needlework and livestock. There are several county fairs scattered throughout the late summer months including:

  • Montgomery County Agricultural Fair from August 11-19
  • Prince George’s County Fair from September 7-10
  • Anne Arundel County Fair from September 13-17
  • The Great Frederick Fair from September 15-23

Annual Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Maryland offers many additional annual events to maximize your enjoyment of the final days of summer.

  • The Great American Solar Eclipse, August 21: While this isn’t necessarily an annual event, restaurants and parks throughout the state are hosting eclipse watch parties so that you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • The Maryland Seafood Festival, September 9-10: This Annapolis tradition is almost half a century old this year! This family event offers delicious crab cakes and fun eating contests, in addition to a famous crab soup cook-off.

What If There’s a Fly in Your Food?

When visiting The Maryland Seafood Festival or The Annual Maryland Barbecue Bash, you will probably deal with a fly or two landing on your food. While conventional wisdom dictates brushing the fly off as quickly as possible, what is actually happening when the fly touches your food? Flies are attracted to many disgusting things like feces, rubbish and standing water. Their bodies might still have whatever they last landed on sitting on the surface of their skin (and then the surface of your food). Flies also regurgitate frequently, so if one lands on your food it’s a good idea to throw away the portion touched by the fly completely, especially if you’re in a rural area.

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