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Living the Dream in Ellicott City: Do You Need Pest Control on a Brand New House?

With a history that dates back before the American Revolution, Ellicott City is among the oldest towns on the East Coast.

These days, this historic area is seeing a boom in new construction. But just because a house is new, doesn’t mean pests will stay out.

In fact, new houses have a whole set of pest issues we see all the time. Sometimes homeowners even mistake signs of pests for something else because they assume a new house couldn’t possibly have a problem with rodents or bugs.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but new houses can be just as susceptible to pests as older homes.


There’s a common misconception that a new house won’t attract mice, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, a lot of new home builders take shortcuts, which often result in holes and gaps that mice and other pests take advantage of.

Attached garages are a very common sight on new homes, but builders typically leave a gap where the sheet-rock wall meets the foundation, as well as weep holes in the brick around and outside the foundation. If you don’t fill in these gaps, it’s as good as putting up a neon sign welcoming pests into your home!

One of the first things we do when inspecting a newer home is to make sure these gaps are sealed up with a material that rodents can’t gnaw through, saving our customers future headaches.



If there’s one thing termites love besides wood, it’s moisture.

Unfortunately, the downspout splash guards that most newly built homes have just concentrate water next to the foundation. This can lead to all kinds of problems including termites, water damage, and mold and foundation issues.

The Brody Brothers can certainly treat for the pests caused by this water build-up, but the long-term solution is to have a plumbing or landscaping company trench and bury the lines, causing all water to flow away from the house.

We also see moisture damage from cutting corners on the flashing of windows and doors. Builders sometimes use siding trim upside down instead of flashing, and don’t leave enough overhang. We’ve seen this enough times to tell you that it can lead to rot and pest issues down the road.

Another thing we see frequently on newer homes is an outside basement door with a tiny drain that gets clogged constantly. End the frustration by installing a 12-inch drain basket, and avoid water accumulation.


Finally, beware that if a deal seems too good to be true, get a second opinion. New decks on the cheaper end tend to skimp on flashing deck ledgers. This almost always leads to major rot, termites and ant infestations down the road.

Don’t let your dream house become a nightmare; make sure your builder doesn’t cut corners and have the Brody Brothers come out to inspect after you move in.

Our technicians are some of the best pest control experts serving Ellicott City, and we can point out potential pest problems before they start, to give you peace of mind. And, of course, if you have an existing pest problem, we will implement our Integrated Pest Management approach to treat it in a safe and effective way.