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How Many Homes in the United States Suffer from Pests?

dead spiders in a boxThe average American home is crawling with pests, even if invisible to the naked eye, our pest experts are on the hunt in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas! If you, like many other homeowners, suffer from pests, you don’t need to worry! With the help of Brody Brothers Pest Control, you can eliminate and prevent pest populations in and around your home.

A Study of the Average American Home

A recent study from a team of entomologists sought to determine how many arthropods (spiders, centipedes, insects, etc.) were in the average home. In the study, the entomologists found an amazing amount of diversity across residences. Out of the homes studied, every home had at least 32 species present, with the most populated home having 128! 

The good news is that the households that suffer from pests are not dealing with harmful ones. Just the annoying ones! April showers bring May flowers, but the rain also brings out the bugs! The most common insects discovered included cobweb spiders, carpet beetles, and ants. Some of the more harmful insects like cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs were found overall in 10% of less of homes in the study.

Unusual Infestations

While you may be able to keep calm when you see a few spider webs around your home, there are some critters and crawlers you never want to see anywhere in or around your home!  If you suffer from rodents like rats, you should take the problem seriously. Rodents invade approximately 21 million homes in the United States every winter. 24% of them dwell in the attic and garage, 50% spend time in the kitchen and 27% live in the basement. Even more concerningly for Maryland residents, 35% of homes in the Northeast experience rat control problems. Brody Brothers Pest Control helps our Baltimore City residents the most when it comes to rat control in Maryland

Bed bugs are also pests that you should take seriously. 1 in 5 Americans has experienced a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered a bed bug problem. While bed bugs are most commonly found in apartments and condominiums, they are also common in single-family homes. 

Don’t Suffer From Pests Without Help

Brody Brothers Pest Control works with thousands of property owners every year to keep properties safe and free from harmful insects, rodents, and pests. If you’re looking for home pest control in Maryland or if you have questions about pest inspections for your home, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 653-2121 (Baltimore area) or (301) 637-0178 (Montgomery County).