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Common Beetles in Baltimore and Signs of Their Infestation

common beetle infestations in baltimore

Brief Introduction: There are three types of beetles that are found in Baltimore. Find out which ones they are and the telltale signs they’re in your home or business.

There are three common types of beetles you’re likely to find in Baltimore: carpet beetles, drugstore beetles, and saw-toothed grain beetles. While a beetle infestation doesn’t necessarily pose fatal health risks, they can be bothersome and cause medical discomfort.

Some people often mistake the signs of a beetle infestation as the cause of moths or mice in the house. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to identify these three common beetle types in Baltimore and what to do in case of an infestation.

Carpet Beetle

The carpet beetle is a nightmare for anything in your home made of cloth, wool, or fabric. This includes clothing in drawers or closets, furniture, and especially carpets. They are particularly attracted to fabric with stains or urine on them.

Identifying Carpet Beetles

Not all beetles look the same, so it’s important to know how to identify specific types. In the case of the carpet beetle, they are small, about two to three millimeters in length. Their bodies have a round shape with white and yellow splotches on them.

Identifying a carpet beetle infestation in baltimore

They also have dark hairs covering them, which is an important detail in the next section.

Signs of a Carpet Beetle Infestation

There are two common indicators of a carpet beetle infestation:

1. Holes in your clothing or fabric

The number one sign of a carpet beetle infestation is holes in your clothing or fabric. As mentioned before, many people who find small tears or eaten holes in their clothes assume they have moths.

If you notice holes also in your furniture or carpet, this could also be a sign of carpet beetles in your home. You may also find their molted skins lying around, which are brown in color.

2. An allergic reaction

Another sign to look for is an allergic reaction. Some people are irritated by the bristly hairs that these insects leave when they crawl through your clothing. They’ll often get a skin rash similar to dermatitis and have itchy red bumps.

The Effects of a Carpet Beetle Infestation

With this type of beetle, it isn’t the adults you need to watch out for, but the larvae. Adults consume pollen and fly around lighted sources. It’s the larvae that chew through your clothing or furniture. 

Drugstore Beetle

The drugstore beetle first got its name when pharmacists noticed these little pests eating the medications lined up on their shelves. Nowadays, they’re often found in home pantries, restaurants, bakeries, and industrial factories that produce grains, flour, and pet food. These pesky little beetles also particularly love eating paper. So, they also pose a threat to libraries, schools, and homes with extensive book collections.

Identifying Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetles have either a light brown or a reddish-brown color to them. They measure 1/10 to 1/7 inches long and have fine silky hairs that densely cover their bodies. Their bodies are also an oval shape and look like they have a hump.

Signs of a Drugstore Beetle Infestation

There are two common indicators of a drugstore beetle infestation:

1. Holes in food packaging 

Homeowners, restaurants, bakery owners, and factory workers can tell if they have a drugstore beetle infestation if they find holes in food packaging.

In the case of drugstore beetles getting into food, do not consume the food. You could fall ill if you eat food contaminated by these insects. The best thing to do is to throw out the food and packages and exterminate the beetles.

2. Bites out of bookpages

Librarians and bookstore owners can also discover a drugstore beetle infestation by noticing bites out of book pages.

The Effects of a Carpet Beetle Infestation

A drugstore beetle infestation can cause major financial issues for commercial businesses that rely on food products. This is just one of the reasons to be on the look for infestations and solve the problem immediately.

Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle

The saw-toothed grain beetle loves to snack on the dried grains we have in our pantries, including pasta and oats. They also enjoy munching on fried fruit and sugar. If you think the plastic or cardboard packaging will stop them from getting into your goodies, think again.

Identifying Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles

These beetles have narrow bodies measuring about ¼ of an inch long. They have a reddish-brown color and have a rough texture to them.

Identifying a saw toothed grain beetle infestation in baltimore

It’s important to note that the saw-toothed beetle does not fly and will often scurry from place to place.

Signs of a Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle Infestation

You’ll know if you have a saw-toothed grain beetle infestation if you notice holes in the packages of pasta, oats, or other foods containing grain in your pantry.

The Effects of a Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle Infestation

In a large facility, such as an oat-producing factory, infestations can get out of hand. So out of hand that the movement of so many beetles in a package can cause the grain to overheat and feel warm.

These little beetles can start a large infestation very quickly. This is a particular problem for warehouses or grain manufacturers, specifically of oats and oatmeal, because they can contaminate large amounts of food at once.

Bonus Beetle: Bark Beetle

Another common beetle in Baltimore is the bark beetle. These beetles tend to live in – you guessed it – bark. So, if you have piles of firewood outside your home or branches lying around the yard, be on the lookout for bark beetles.

These little critters are about ¼ of an inch in length and are either black, brown, or red in color. Their bodies are a cylinder shape and very round.

Bark beetles often show up during the winter months, so be careful the next time you go and grab a piece of firewood from your pile to throw in the fireplace on a cold winter’s eve.

Beat Your Beetle Infestations with Brody Brothers Pest Control

Whether you find beetles in your residential home or commercial building, Brody Brothers Pest Control is here to eliminate them once and for all.

With our advanced technology and safe extermination methods, we can get rid of your carpet, drugstore, and saw-toothed grain beetles in no time. Don’t jeopardize your food supply, books, or clothing any longer. The moment you notice signs of a beetle infestation, give us a call!

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