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11 Common Bugs That You May Find in Your Home

11 Common Bugs That You May Find in Your Home

There are approximately 91, 000 described bugs in the United States, many of which can easily find their way into your home. No matter where you live, you’re bound to come across an insect or two in your residence. Bugs of any kind are disturbing, however, some can be dangerous, destroy your food, and even damage your house. The good news is, there are many preventative measures you can take so it doesn’t get to the point of infestation.

Before the entire cast of A Bug’s Life makes themselves comfortable, take a look at our guide about common bugs that you may find in your home. With our help, you’ll know the signs of unwanted critters and how to ward them off.


Ants are perhaps the most common bug that you may find in your home. The reason for this: crumbs. Food morsels and a reliable water source are sure to attract ants. Luckily, more harmful ant species, such as the Red Imported Fire Ant, are not as prone to enter your home and take advantage of these resources. Nonetheless, those that do find their way into your house can create an unappealing mess if it gets out of hand. To keep ants out of your home, regularly vacuum so there aren’t crumbs on the floor and remember to clean up any spills as soon as they occur.


The majority of spiders are harmless, but this still doesn’t make them a welcomed house guest. Typically, spiders prefer to be outdoors, but if your home has high moisture, they’ll likely try to find their way inside. There must also be plenty of other bugs in your home for the spiders to eat. In the fall, when insect populations are low and outside resources dry up, it’s common for hunter types, like the wolf spider, to enter your home. Spiders tend to enter the home via gaps around utilities in the foundation. Poor weather stripping on the doors and windows act as another access point for the web-making spiders. Once inside, spiders will slowly become a nuisance, as you’ll notice their webs around the house. However, one good thing about spiders and their Webs is that they can catch other bugs in your home that may have caused further issues.


There are several types of flies that can infiltrate and exploit your humble abode. Not only are they an annoyance, but flies spread diseases and can even cause food poisoning. Typically, old garbage, fruit, and any old food that people leave out attract flies. Therefore, a great way to combat flies is to take out the garbage when its full and to never leave any food out for long periods.

Stink Bugs

If you’ve never seen one, stink bugs are brown and shaped like a shield. And while they may look like any old insect, you cannot dispose of these bugs by smashing them. If you smash a stink bug, they will release a less than pleasant odor—hence the name, stink bug. Normally, stink bugs find their way into your home during the fall months to seek out warmth. Any easy way to remove stink bugs is to grab a paper towel and force them onto it.


Many of us know crickets for the annoying sounds they make. Although they typically reside outdoors, sometimes you’ll hear their chirping from within your home. While they aren’t necessarily harmful, crickets’ sound can serve as a source of irritation. To ensure you aren’t attracting these singing insects, avoid leaving doors open and seal any gaps in your foundation. Furthermore, light attracts crickets, so try to not keep a lot of lights on—especially at night.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps not only make annoying buzzing noises, but they can be quite harmful if they were to sting you. Bees and wasps love sugary drinks, yellow and white colors, and rotting fruit—all of which they may find in the typical home. However, bees and wasps live outdoors, which is where nests are located. To reduce stinging pests around your property, keep your yard clean of debris, keep your trash clean and covered with a lid, and clean up any food if you eat outside. If you notice a hive in your home, enlist the services of a professional who can safely remove it for you.


Mosquito bites are irritating and itchy, and they can even carry some serious diseases with them, such as Zika and West Nile. Plus, mosquitoes are not only a threat to you and your family—they will also bother your pets. Unfortunately, no matter if we’re inside or outside, humans entice mosquitoes. The carbon dioxide we breathe out draws them in, and they thrive on sucking our blood. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent mosquito bites, from professional services like Brody Brothers Yard defense to some natural repellents.


Rumor has it, beetles are the most common bugs in the world, which only increase the chances of them entering your home. As with so many other insects, lights and debris around the exterior of the home will draw them in. On top of this, it can be easy to confuse beetles with other kinds of bugs. If you’re unsure you’re dealing with beetles, you can distinguish them by their fat body shape and hardened wings.


Termites are incredibly destructive and are sure to cause issues within your home. Termites can damage the structure of a house—as mosquitoes like to feed on blood, termites like to feed on wood, the most common building material for homes. Termites can be tough to spot as well. Telltale signs that you have termites include destroyed timber, tunnels in wood, and track marks below the paint.


Cockroaches are easily identifiable by their antenna-like ears. If cockroaches get into your home, they’ll likely destroy fabrics and spread disease via food contamination. They also quickly reproduce in large numbers, easily starting an infestation. Like many of the other bugs on this list, cockroaches are on the hunt for food crumbs. They also like moisture—they typically dwell in the kitchen under the sink and crevices near food and water.

Although our list is vast, there are plenty of other bugs that can find their way into your home. Whether they enter through small cracks in your home’s structure or open doors and windows, in all likelihood, bugs will make their way into your house. Thus, try to keep opening windows and doors to a minimum, especially at night. You should also have screens installed at every entrance. Plus, based on the content above, you may have noticed that the majority of bugs like the same things. That is why it’s so important to keep your home clean. By doing so, you can eliminate half the bugs on this list.

In most situations, you can easily get rid of insects yourself. However, sometimes it can get out of hand and you’re left with an infestation. If this happens, contact a commercial exterminators like Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control—we’re a leading Baltimore County exterminator who can get rid of the problem properly.

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