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Should You Be Worried About Termites?

Every spring and fall, we receive calls from countless customers concerned about the chances of termites invading their homes. While there are plenty of factors that determine whether or not termites will take up residence, there are some factors that dramatically increase the likelihood of dealing with a termite problem.  

Trees Around the Home

When many homes are built, builders use fast-growing and attractive trees like white pines right next to the home to increase desirability and add curb appeal. Unfortunately, these trees can grow extremely large and need to be chopped down after only 25-35 years due to their great size. A dead, diseased or dying white pine tree in your front yard is like a gigantic buffet for termites, who only need to move a few feet closer to start munching on your foundation.

Foundation Mistakes

Termites love moist soils, so homes with moisture around the foundation are much more likely to have a termite issue. Do your gutters and downspouts point towards or away from your house? Pouring water right next to the foundation ensures a moist, appealing environment for termites. If you have a crawlspace, is it adequately ventilated? If not, the water near your foundation will create a rainforest-type climate underneath that is perfect for termite families.

Stucco is often improperly installed in the greater Baltimore area. Stucco should never be placed within 6 inches of the ground, including asphalt and concrete. If it is too close to the ground, it can rapidly attract termites. Excessive mulch around the foundation is another common problem we encounter. While fresh mulch looks lovely in the spring, anything over 3-4 inches deep will hold onto too much moisture and become a breeding ground for pests.

Extra Termite Tips

  • Never place firewood against your foundation.
  • Cardboard boxes, newspapers and firewood should not be stored in crawlspaces, as it can attract and feed termite populations.
  • Keep new shrubs and spring plantings at least 3 feet from the foundation slab. The shrubs will have space to grow and the chance of the wood coming into contact with your home will be much lower.
  • Have your landscape professionally graded to guide water quickly away from your foundation and home.
  • Use decorative pavers, border plants or metal edging to edge all of your garden beds instead of wood.


Keep Your Home Termite-Free

If you have any of these issues present at your home, don’t be alarmed and educate yourself about the signs of these pests by reading the warning signs here. Give Brody Brothers Pest Control a call to have one of our professionals evaluate your property and treat the termite population if present.

Brody Brothers Pest Control works with hundreds of property owners every year to keep properties safe and free from harmful insects, animals and pests. Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control can treat any problems and maintain your property to minimize risks. Schedule a property inspection with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control. Give us a call at (410) 653-2121 (Baltimore region) or (301) 637-0178 (Montgomery County).