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What Would a World Without Pest Control Look Like?


Some people dream of a world without pest control, where bugs and pests are allowed to proliferate freely without human intervention. Other people just want the mosquitos and disease-carrying mice to stay away from their homes. While some people think that a world without pest control would be more environmentally-friendly, the past can show us that it wouldn’t be nearly as human-friendly.

Looking to the Past

Arthropods have been linked to disease and death throughout world history. Ancient Egypt had a high mortality rate not due to human causes like murder, but due to pests that transmitted cholera, typhus, yellow fever, and dysentery. Mosquitoes, lice, and flies swarmed civilizations and led to death. Years later, the Black Death plague swept through Asia, Africa, and Europe. This rat-transmitted disease killed over 25 million people in Europe alone, along with destroying entire cities and grinding trade routes to a halt.

New Diseases Are Still Emerging

While it’s clear that pest control has helped to cut down on the prevalence of diseases like the plague and cholera, there are contemporary diseases transmitted by the same bugs that are just as dangerous. Hantavirus, associated with deer mice, leads to flu-like symptoms that are hard to diagnose. Unfortunately, in many cases, this delayed diagnosis leads to death in about 60% of cases. The Zika virus is another recent example of the devastating consequences of unchecked mosquito populations. Other bugs, like bed bugs, are increasing in population and in need of aggressive treatment from pest control professionals. 15 years ago, only 25% of pest control professionals treated bed bugs. Last year, 99.6% of professionals treated for bed bugs at least once.

Pest Control Is Important

We are lucky to have effective pest control techniques today that are eco-friendly and pose little danger for humans and pets when used correctly. 97% of allergists believe that a pest-free home is vital to prevent allergy and asthma symptoms. Pest control is also part of why life expectancy has continued to rise over the past century. In 1900, life expectancy stood at only 49 years, while today it is 78.8 years. As pest control advances, we hope that the spread of scary and serious diseases will continue to decline.

Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy

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