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Ways to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

Ways to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

Before it gets cold in the Baltimore area, you’ll need to perform some important house maintenance. This will ensure that no animals seeking warmth and shelter use your home as their winter getaway. One of the most common critters that make their way into people’s homes is mice. Thankfully, you can prepare for this issue by learning about the different ways to prevent mice from entering your home.

Seal Any Openings

Mice can squeeze through tight spaces—some as slim as a pencil. This means they can easily sneak into the tiniest cracks and enter your home. As such, you need to inspect your home’s surroundings, look for any openings, and then seal them up. Mice can also get in through doors and windows, so be sure to secure them as well.

Trim Branches

Another thing you can do to protect your home is trim overhanging tree branches. This is because mice can use tree branches as leverage to get into your attic. To cut branches, all you need to do is use a pair of hand pruners.

Store Food

One of the main attractions that entice mice to approach your home is food. If you have any type of food source outside, such as birdseed, seal off the supply by putting it in metal containers. Before you store it, make sure it is tightly sealed.

Seal Trash Cans

Trash cans are full of things mice love, and if you keep them near your home, it can be easy for a mouse to make their way inside. Therefore, you need to seal up your trash cans to the best of your ability. Ensure that all the trash bags fit so the garbage container can shut properly. If your trash cans are overflowing, consider asking your neighbors if they can spare any room in theirs.

Contact A Professional

A final thing you can do is contact Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control in Baltimore, Maryland. As professionals, they can give your home a proper inspection. Plus, when you enlist the services of Brody Brothers’ experts, you can invest in a Home Protection Plan to keep mice away for good.