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Watch Out for Poisonous Snakes This Summer

In Maryland, poisonous snakes are rarely near or inside of residences. However, these pests can be spotted on hiking trails and in parks around the state. While your initial reaction might be to panic if you come across one on your property, you should call pest control immediately and leave the snake alone.

Some of these species are endangered and should not be harmed on sight. Once we arrive at your property, we can ensure that your house is properly sealed and snakes are not getting inside. Our pest control professionals can also give advice on habit modification to keep snakes away. If you spot a snake on a hike or in the woods, you should simply leave it alone!

An Uptick in Snakebites

Whenever people (especially children) cross paths with snakes, one of the most feared creatures in the area, bad things can happen. In the summer of 2017, snakebite numbers were up from previous years, and some of the snakes were poisonous.

Copperhead snakes often make headlines for biting local hikers and beachgoers. These snakes are common in the greater Baltimore area and Calvert County. Many people kill copperheads on sight, but these snakes are essential predators for mice. It’s easy to think that venomous snakes are all bad because the bites can harm humans, but copperheads are an integral part of our ecosystem.

What to Do If You’re Bitten

If you are bitten by any snake, poisonous or not, you should first remain calm. Wash the area as soon as you can and call a poison control center for more guidance. The majority of snakebites are completely harmless, but venomous snakes will leave bites that result in pain, swelling and a severe reaction.

Avoiding Snakebites

Are you spending time in the great outdoors this summer?

  • If you’re hiking, stay on the trail and don’t walk through areas of brush or high grass
  • Hike with a walking stick to jostle the area around you and warn snakes you’re coming
  • Always keep your distance if you encounter a snake
  • Wear thick gloves when gardening
  • If you need to reach into a place outdoors that you can’t see, like a bush, rustle the plant beforehand

Watch Out for Endangered Snakes

Only a couple of years ago, campers in the Green Ridge State Forest in Western Maryland made headlines for killing and grilling an endangered timber rattlesnake. Because the snake is endangered, it is a crime to kill it. If you encounter a timber rattlesnake in the wild, you should not bother it or attempt to harm it. While the bite could hurt you, staying far away will prevent you from a bite and allow the snake to engage in rodent control.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free this Summer

Brody Brothers Pest Control works with hundreds of property owners every year to keep properties safe and free from harmful insects, animals and pests. Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control can treat any problems and maintain your property to minimize risks. Schedule a property inspection with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control. Give us a call at 410-653-2121 .