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Tick-Borne Diseases Rising in Maryland

Tick control in Maryland

Over the course of 2014-2016, the spread of illnesses related to mosquito, tick and flea bites grew over 300%, leading the Centers for Disease Control to classify these pests as a threat to public health. Ticks that carry Lyme disease and additional tick-borne illnesses are popping up in more places than ever before, which is cause for concern.

Don’t Assume

Many people assume that ticks aren’t an issue near them because ticks have not been detected in the past. However, more research is showing that ticks cover a much greater area than was previously thought. In a national survey of ticks, disease-carrying ticks were found in over 80 counties that never had tick populations previously. Across the country, populations are rising. Even if you have never encountered a tick on your morning jog in the past, you should still take precautions to protect you, your family and your pets. Assuming can lead to severe consequences when it comes to ticks!

New Information About Disease-Carrying Ticks

In one large nationwide study, ticks were found to be carrying disease from birth. This evidence is contrary to the popular belief that ticks pick up illnesses from the deer and animals that they feed on. In every life stage of the most common ticks (deer ticks, western black-legged ticks, and lone star ticks) examined in the study, evidence of the bacteria that transmit Lyme disease was found.

Lyme Disease 101

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium. In the early stages of the disease, many people experience headaches, fevers, fatigue, rashes or swollen glands. Over time, the infection can do serious damage to the heart, nervous system and joints. The longer that it takes for Lyme disease to be diagnosed, the greater damage that is done. Lyme disease is most commonly contracted during the spring and summer (May through September).

How Can You Protect Yourself from Ticks?

  •  Wear light-colored clothing so that ticks are easier to identify
  •  After spending time in a tick-infested area, do a check over your body and         shower immediately after to wash away any potential ticks
  •  Use tick repellents that contain DEET for your skin and permethrin on your         clothing
  •  Seek medical care if you have any symptoms following a tick bite
  •  Schedule tick control services in the late summer and fall months when adult   ticks are most active.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free this Summer

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