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Source Reduction

Brody Brothers is not a team of exterminators; we are eliminators. We know you want to get rid of mosquitoes, so we don’t stop at simply applying treatment at regular intervals. Having a mosquito-free yard does not just require one to kill mosquitoes, but also to eliminate areas that could be potential mosquito breeding grounds. We also work to eradicate the phenomena in your yard that are sources of annoying and potentially harmful pests. For mosquitoes, this includes any accumulation of standing water. Some common backyard mosquito breeding grounds include the following:

  • clogged rain gutters
  • depressions in the ground that collect water
  • bird baths and fountains
  • uncovered buckets and trash cans
  • saucers for plant pots
  • children’s toys
  • dripping hoses

Also, take care to keep your bushes trimmed and neatly managed, as mosquitoes like to congregate in cool areas under leaves. Regarding all areas and objects at risk of becoming a source of mosquitoes, we will thoroughly advise you on the most effective methods to prevent them from turning into just that.

We acknowledge that it may be impossible to completely eliminate your sources of standing water, and we have special preventative treatment for these areas. If you have a bird bath or a similar water retainer that cannot be removed, we will treat it with Altosid, which is a product that targets mosquito larvae before they are even capable of biting. Altosid comes in the form of either small pieces like briquettes or as pellets, and they naturally degrade and will not harm humans, dogs, cats, fish, or waterfowl. Most permanent standing water sources in yards only demand the pellet form of the product, as the larger pieces are usually reserved for larger collected water supplies like ponds.