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Rats! The Rodents Chewing Baltimore Car Wires

Over the past few years, many Baltimore residents have gotten in the car to head to work only to find that the car won’t start. Unfortunately, the battery isn’t always the problem. Rats have been chewing wiring in Baltimore cars, leading to very annoyed car owners with steep repair bills.

A Growing Problem

Many Baltimore-area car dealerships have been discovering wiring issues caused by rats in cars. After opening the hood, some technicians have spied piles of rodent feces next to the chewed up wiring. However, even if consumers have the wiring repaired, the problem can reoccur only days later when the rats return. Since the rat population is higher than in many other locales, the problem is growing at an alarming rate.

One Baltimore woman had to have the wiring around her engine replaced two times, only to discover that the rodents then chowed down on the gas tank itself. After doing some investigating, she found that Toyota uses a soy-based coating on wires. Rats find the wire coating so delicious that they have been specifically targeting Toyota vehicles. While a class-action lawsuit has been filed, many car owners are still having to foot the bill for repairs independently.

Why Is Soy Coating Being Used?

Soy coating has gained popularity over the past few years as part of eco-friendly efforts from a number of vehicle manufacturers. Ford and Toyota have both started using soy instead of petroleum for wiring insulation, and both companies have come under fire as a result. While companies have not changed from soy-based wiring as a result, multiple strategies for deterring rats have been proposed.

How to Prevent Rats from Chewing Your Wiring

There is now rodent-deterring tape designed to cover soy-based wiring and prevent rats from taking a bite. The tape can do a good job at encouraging rats to move onto other vehicles, but it is still not failsafe. In addition to using tape, many dealers suggest using other gardening tricks to keep out mice and rats. Sprinkling crystallized fox urine around your car can deter rats, as can regular pest control visits.

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