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Rats! Baltimore’s Rat Problem

When it comes to pests in Baltimore, one thing springs to mind immediately—rats! Earlier this summer, a video of rats climbing walls and enjoying themselves in a Baltimore 7-Eleven went viral. In the months before that, Lexington Market and Northeast Market both had to briefly close when rats were spotted inside, and videos also took off on social media. It’s clear that food-service facilities in the city are up against a serious problem in the form of these rodents.

Why Baltimore’s Restaurants Have a Rat Problem

In our experience, there are 4 main reasons why Baltimore restaurants and food-service facilities are so packed with rats.

1. Many of the restaurants and bars in the cities leave the back door open. Rats have a ravenous appetite, and the delicious smells wafting out the back don’t just tempt humans to stop by for a bite. In many cases, doors are left so far open that rats can just walk right in.

2. Older buildings downtown that were never initially designed to be restaurants and bars often have small holes in the foundations, additions built over sidewalks and alleyways and other structural issues that lead to easy pest access. It’s rare to find a restaurant downtown that took over an old location and did a full renovation to update everything inside. As a result, the “guts” of the buildings continue to degrade, and small cracks and crevices give rats and mice a VIP entry pass.

3. Plumbing lines are another easy entry point for mice and rats. We have seen numerous serious plumbing issues in bars, markets and restaurants in the city. From old bathrooms that are hidden behind walls to plumbing lines that were never capped and sealed, to toilets in crawlspaces and plumbing lines buried beneath buildings, there are many problems that grant rats easy access to bathrooms and buildings as a result.

4. Finally, restaurant dumpsters are some of the hottest spots for rat activity in the city. Rusted out dumpster bottoms drop food and trash right onto the ground. Open dumpster drain holes let rats walk right in. Dumpsters that are placed too close to the wall also allow rats to climb in and enjoy a snack. While nobody said that a dumpster needed to smell good or look attractive, basic maintenance goes a long way.

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