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Rat Snakes Caused Major Problems for This Annapolis Family

An infamous Annapolis civil court case is finally over thanks to a settlement. The entire lawsuit arose out of a problem with rat snakes at the home and whether or not the real estate agent had prior knowledge. The $2 million lawsuit, filed in May 2015, centered on an infestation of rat snakes inside of the beautiful rancher.

The Annapolis Snake House

The Brooks family closed on an Annapolis home in December 2014 for $410,000 and a November home inspection revealed no problems. When the weather started heating up the following spring, rat snakes sleeping in the walls started to make themselves known. Before they left the home in April 2014, they found eight snakes living there, some as long as 7 feet. The families that previously rented the home from 2008-2014 reported snakes to the homeowner multiple times, and one previous tenant called it “the snake house.”

Snakes and Your Home Inspection

Much of the case centered on the home inspection in November 2014. If you are planning to purchase a home in the near future, this case is certainly a distressing read. If you are concerned about the possibility of snakes in your prospective Maryland home, it’s always best to have a pest control expert visit the property before making a decision to purchase. Home inspectors are excellent at spotting structural issues and plumbing problems, but that isn’t a replacement for a pest control expert who knows the subtle signs of rat snakes or mice. Brody Brothers Pest Control can complete a professional pest inspection and resolve any problems before you close the deal.

What You Should Know About Rat Snakes

Black rat snakes are very common throughout Maryland. The black rat snake can live up to 25 years, grow up to 7 feet long and squeeze through tiny gaps the size of a 50-cent piece. Rat snakes are very flexible and able to scale everything from birdhouses to dryer vents to enter homes and find food. Rat snakes are a special threat to Maryland homeowners thanks to their love of squeezing into warm spaces, laying eggs and waiting the winter out quietly.  It should come as some consolation, however, that black rat snakes are not dangerous to anyone but mice or rats.

Before you put your home on the market or purchase a new home, schedule a comprehensive property inspection today with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control by calling (410) 653-2121.