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Parkville Pests: Baltimore County’s Rat Infestation

Rats are some of the biggest pests preying on the Parkville population every year, and this summer promises to be no different. Rats can make themselves at home in your house over the course of just a few days.

Where Did the Parkville Rats Come From?

The rat population in Parkville and Baltimore County has been increasing over the years, and citizens are tired of dealing with the infestation. Many different factors have contributed to the landmark population, including:

  • Large numbers of foreclosed homes that provide shelter and food for wandering rats
  • Residents leaving trash bagged on the streets instead of secured in trash cans
  • Pet owners leaving dog droppings in their yards and streets without picking them up
  • Commercial properties leaving their trash and recycling dumpsters open and unsecured
  • Warm weather throughout the winter and a lack of hibernation

What Is Baltimore County Doing?

Baltimore County is attempting to combat the increased numbers of rats through an increase in extermination efforts and increasing fines for mishandled trash. In late 2016, the county hired two additional contractors to investigate and address resident complaints and lower the wait time for an inspection to one month or less (down from four months or less). Their “Rat Attack” program is designed to inform Parkville residents of their role in the rat infestation, increase awareness of fines and educate on proper trash handling methods. Currently, the fine for dog droppings in a yard, regardless of whose dog they belong to, is $300.

How Are Rats Exterminated?

First, the pest control expert will look for any rat holes around your commercial or residential property. Active rodent burrows will be treated directly, and rat boxes will be installed in key areas. It’s important also to find and remove the rodents’ food source.

How Can You Keep Rats Off Your Property?

Even if the rat population in your neighborhood is high, there are many simple ways to prevent them from being attracted to your property, including:

  • Keeping all trash in a secured trash can without any holes or damage to the base.
  • Removing all trash from your yard, including dog droppings.
  • Immediately disposing of spoiled food inside and outside of your home, including bird feed.
  • Scheduling regular inspections with Brody Brothers Pest Control to identify any signs of rats or other pests on your property.

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