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Get Mayflies to Fly Away

Mayflies are known for emerging during the late spring and early summer and sticking around for the warmer months. While they are small and relatively harmless, they are a nuisance when you’re relaxing on the porch with a book or spending time by the campfire at night. How can you keep mayflies from annoying you this summer?

Mayfly 101

Mayflies congregate near bodies of water, whether a lake or a small birdbath in your yard, because their nymphs eat the algae and organic material in the water. Female mayflies lay massive quantities of eggs (up to 1,000!) and have a lifespan only a few days long, so these opportunistic pests don’t need much time to invade your yard. Mayflies will not sting, bite or harm you, but they will definitely annoy you! Mayflies are attracted to light, so your porch light or flashlight can attract swarms of them to you.

Limiting Mayflies Near Your Baltimore County Home

Since mayflies need water to live in your yard, limit the sources of water that they can thrive in during the summer months. Pay close attention to bird baths, ponds, water features, swimming pools and any other water-filled areas. If you use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs outside of your home, swap them out for soft white LED bulbs. Insects are far less attracted to these lights, so you won’t have a swarm descending upon you every time you flick the light on. If you are driving and encounter a swarm of mayflies, treat it just like a snowstorm by lowering your speed and taking extra caution.

If you want to stop mayflies from entering your home, check the screens and mesh on your doors and windows. Since mayflies are only a fraction of an inch and very small, they can squeeze into the tiniest holes and cracks in your home.

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