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House Damage Mice Can Cause

House Damage Mice Can Cause

Mice are elusive critters, and they can easily go undetected by homeowners. Many people worry about a mouse home infestation because they carry pathogens that can quickly lead to disease. These rodents can also damage your home in a variety of ways—learn more about the house damage Mice can cause.


One sign that you may have Mice in your home is if you find chewed up packages or you notice your food is starting to spoil. Many different foods attract Mice, and they continually search for it, which is why you don’t want to leave anything out—especially overnight. If you notice any damage, urine, or droppings around your food, throw it out immediately. Use protective gear such as gloves and masks when cleaning up the aftermath to diminish your chances of becoming sick.


Another part of your home that Mice like to nibble on is your electrical wiring. Mice’s teeth are constantly growing. As such, they chew on objects like wiring because it helps keep their teeth nice and trim. Besides electrical malfunctions, chewed wires can be a huge safety hazard in your home, as they can start a fire.


Mice will also cause damage to a home’s insulation. Typically, Mice will travel through a home via the walls and ceilings. As such, they create tunnels by tearing away at the insulation. If this is the case, you may hear scratching, gnawing, and squeaking sounds from within the walls and ceiling. Insulation that appears disturbed in any way is a clear sign you have an infestation problem.

If you start to notice these signs in your home, don’t wait—Mice can quickly become a problem. To ensure you eliminate and prevent Mice from entering your home, hire an exterminator. Brody Brothers Pest Control is one of the leading professional exterminators in Baltimore County and will solve your Mice problem in no time.