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House Centipedes 101: What to Know if You Spot Them in Your Home

House centipedes are always a scary thing to spot in your home, especially if you see them anywhere close to your face! These arthropods seem like they have a thousand legs, hence the “thousand leggers” nickname. House centipedes are very common in buildings throughout the United States, especially in the Maryland and Virginia area. Many people are terrified of house centipedes, and luckily for them, pest control services can control and eliminate them. Here’s what you need to know about house centipedes and your home.

House Centipedes: The Basics

House centipedes have 15 pairs of legs, the last pair of which is almost two times the length of the rest of the body. Their legs are banded and the body is a dirty yellow shade. Female house centipedes can live several years and produce up to 150 offspring. During the day, house centipedes hide in dark or moist locations and wait to find prey until night falls.

House centipedes love to eat a variety of household pests including silverfish, firebrats, carpet beetle larvae, cockroaches and spiders. If you have a problem with house centipedes in your home, it’s a sign that you also have a problem with one (or more) of the things that they love to eat.

The most common places to find house centipedes on your property include:

  • Underneath concrete slabs
  • Inside of cement block walls with uncapped blocks
  • Floor drains without water traps
  • Underneath or inside of cardboard boxes stored near concrete slabs
  • Any damp or cool place, including basements or crawl spaces, underneath your home

Treating House Centipedes

The pest control treatment for house centipedes isn’t just about treating them, it’s also about treating the things that they like to snack on. First, our professionals will determine what the house centipedes are feeding on. We will walk through your home and help identify places where they could be hiding out, including concrete slabs or drains.

Next, we will use the most effective treatments available to take care of house centipedes as they emerge. If you notice house centipedes becoming a problem in your home, schedule a comprehensive property inspection today with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control by calling (410) 653-2121.