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Fleas in the Fall

Summer has ended and your furry friends are spending less time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should stop protecting against fleas! In fact, fleas are actually more prevalent during the fall than any other season. A recent study found that the flea count on animals during fall months was 70% higher than the flea count in spring. What is behind the fall flea surge?

The Basics of Fleas

Fleas are very small insects that reproduce quickly and in large numbers. Within 15 minutes of landing on an animal, they will begin to drink blood. Within 24 hours, they will start the breeding process and lay 25-50 eggs per day. The most significant cause of fleas entering a home is pets who have not received flea protection.

Why the Fall?

Fleas don’t often hatch in environments above 85 degrees, so Maryland summers discourage them from thriving. Instead, they will stay in a dormant state and wait for cooler weather. That colder weather arrives during the fall, and when temperatures reach the low 70s, they will begin to hatch in large numbers.

Getting Rid of Fleas

The most important thing to remember about fleas is that once they are inside of your home, treating only your pet will not stop the infestation. Your carpet, furniture, mattresses and front lawn can all be contaminated. Any flea eggs that your pet knocked off inside of your home and on your property will turn into larvae, burrow down into the closest warm and dark place and then incubate for 1-2 weeks. Once they take over your home, your best option is calling the professionals at Brody Brothers.

Prevention is Key

The best way to stop fleas from invading your home is prevention. Talk to your veterinarian about the best treatment for your pet. To stop fleas inside of your home, vacuum daily in any high-traffic areas. Make a habit of washing your pet’s bedding and plush toys once a week during the fall months.

Keep Pests Under Control

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