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Your Chimney’s Fall Invaders

Over the course of the fall, the average homeowner can expect to see a wide variety of pests around their home, hoping to sneak in through the chimney and enjoy the warmth and comfort inside. While some pests are more obnoxious than others, it’s never good to have anyone living in your home that isn’t paying rent! Now is the time to prepare your chimney and home for the colder months ahead.

Raccoons and Squirrels

Small animals like raccoons and squirrels are known for sneaking into chimneys during the chilly months. For these animals, your chimney seems like a big, hollow tree that is perfect for a habitat. It might go without saying, but you should never start a fire if you know that there is a squirrel or raccoon living in your chimney. Instead, you should get the animal out first. Then, install a chimney cap to stop animals from gaining entry. You should also use a tight-sealing damper so that nothing can get in. Dampers also save energy by preventing cold air from sneaking in through the chimney while a fire isn’t burning.

Stink Bugs, Yellow Jackets and Ladybugs

Stink bugs have been annoying Maryland homeowners for years now, despite the fact that they don’t pose a direct risk to homes or people. In the fall, stink bugs become especially prevalent. Due to the small size of a stink bug, these pests can squeeze in through any opening. The heat coming out from your chimney is especially tempting to stink bugs on a cold night. If you have a gas chimney, you can use fine mesh over the opening to keep stink bugs out. If you have a wood fireplace, you should have a chimney cap damper installed so that no pests will sneak inside.

Yellow jackets, ladybugs and spiders will all try to enter chimneys in the fall as the weather gets colder. Swarms and individual bugs will look for a cozy place to overwinter and chimneys are appealing thanks to the warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, chimneys also lead directly into your home and can serve as a place for yellow jackets and spiders to get inside. If you can, install a tight-sealing chimney top damper to keep out bugs when you aren’t using your chimney. You should also have your regularly-scheduled pest control services to identify signs of pests around your home.

Protect Your Chimney This Fall

Brody Brothers Pest Control works with commercial and residential property owners every fall to keep chimneys free from harmful insects, animals and pests. Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control can treat any problems and maintain your property to minimize risks. Schedule a property inspection with Brody Brothers Quality Pest Control. Give us a call at 410-653-2121.