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Bugs (and BUGSS) in Baltimore, MD

Posted on: June 4, 2018

There’s plenty of talk about bugs in Baltimore, but have you encountered any of these awesome, unique bugs that make the city great?

Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS)

BUGSS is a unique public laboratory space that offers classes, lab access, and seminars so that anyone in the city can investigate the world around them. BUGSS holds events throughout the year, including youth programs designed to help growing minds learn more. The lab can be used by students, adults, or anyone who is curious and has an experiment in mind.

What are some of the classes you can look forward to over the next few months?

  • An open house for the community to learn more about what the lab has to offer on July 7th
  • Lab Skill Nights to learn about how to fuse two strands of DNA (July 12th and 26th)
  • A class on big data analysis and the program R on July 21st
  • A course covering the latest news and techniques in gene manipulation, which spans 4 separate Saturdays starting on August 4th

Even if you’re a novice scientist, there is plenty for you to learn with the awesome staff at BUGSS.

Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students (BUGS)

This unique program works with children in Baltimore City communities over the course of the year in an after-school program and a summer program. The BUGS program is more than just gardening! It incorporates cooking, creative arts, movement, and entrepreneurial activities to encourage students to succeed. The produce that the students grow also gets to have an exciting life after it is picked! Earlier this year, several food trucks in Baltimore committed to using produce grown in the garden. The students also participate in farmer’s markets to practice entrepreneurial skills and raise additional funds for the program at the same time.

Interested in helping out or potentially enrolling your child? The program is headquartered at Living Classrooms East Harbor Campus. To support BUGS, you can attend the BUGS farmer’s market this summer.

Have Fun and Don’t Worry About Bugs this Summer!

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