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Brody Brothers is Expanding to Meet Their Growing Customer Base


Since 1984, Brody Brothers Pest Control has provided effective pest control services to commercial and residential properties throughout the Baltimore area. As a family owned and operated pest control company working in the same communities they live in, Brody Brothers Pest Control is proud to announce their expansion to a new facility this September.

Brody Brothers Pest Control’s Large New Facility

To house their growing fleet and team, Brody Bros. is moving to a new, 7,600 sq. ft. space at 11436 Cronhill Dr., Unit 1 in Owings Mills, MD. The new location will include an expanded training facility with classrooms to better the ongoing training we have for our staff. In the words of the brothers themselves, this new space will “help us better serve our growing customer base” and meet the changing pest control needs of the Baltimore area.

Reaching New Communities

The expansion will allow for more customers to benefit from the fantastic customer service and integrated pest management (IPM) solutions of Brody Brothers Pest Control.

While they currently provide service in Baltimore City and the surrounding greater Baltimore area, this new facility can house years of future growth as the Brody Brothers continue to become a household name.

The Same Great Service

Brody Brothers Pest Control will continue to provide the same great range of services with caring customer service. Services include residential pest control, termite defense, yard protection and commercial pest control. Instead of merely treating problems with a single solution once they occur, Brody Brothers uses proactive monitoring and integrated care to prevent problems altogether and extinguish them quickly when they occur.

Partner with Brody Brothers for Your Pest Control Needs

To experience comprehensive pest control with real results for your commercial or residential property, partner with Brody Brothers today. Call 410-653-2121 to schedule a property inspection.