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Breaking Down the Biggest Rodent Myths


Just like with many other aspects of pest control, there are plenty of myths floating
around about rodents and rodent control. While some of these myths have a grain of
truth hidden inside, they are still just that—myths.

#1: Rodents Get Thirsty When Poisoned and Go Outdoors to Die

There is no known rodenticide on the market that will prompt mice and rats to leave a structure after eating or drinking it. There is also no known substance that will make a rodent particularly thirsty after consuming it. Depending on the treatment used, death could be within 4-10 days of consuming it. Since there is a delay between consumption and death, mice can be in a nest when they die or somewhere else on your property. If you find a dead mouse on your property, you should always use gloves when handling the carcass and dispose of it in a sealed bag.

#2: Rodents Don’t Smell When They Die

There are no rodenticide treatments available that cause rodents to dry up without emitting an odor. While it would be nice if mice and rats could pass away without giving off a terrible stench, their distinct scent is not preventable. Many people are concerned about killing rodents in a home because the creatures might end up passing in a hard-to-reach place. In reality, the odor of a dead mouse does not last for very long, and many times we encounter dried out corpses that the homeowner never smelled at the time of death.

#3: Ultra-Sonic Rodent Repellents

Sonic pest control devices are marketed as tools that emit sounds to deter or kill a variety of pests including birds, insects and rodents. The sounds are emitted at such high tones that people cannot hear them. Many companies sell these devices with phony customer reviews, but studies have shown that these sonic devices are no more useful for deterring or killing pests than clapping your hands. Some of these devices were actually found to attract pests instead of deterring them!

#4: Seeing Rodents During the Day Means There Are More of Them

The time of day that you see rodents does not always correlate with how large the population is. Instead, you should look at other factors like burrows, droppings and damage. When danger levels are low, and things are quiet, mice become more active.

Keep Your Home Free from Mice, Rats and Other Pests

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