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The Basics of House Hunting with an Eye on Pests

Spring is here, which means plenty of prospective homebuyers are headed to open houses, showings and online listings to find their perfect home. Unfortunately, even new and beautiful homes may have serious pest issues or underlying conditions that attract pest activity. What should you be looking for when buying a home?

The Top 6 Things to Look For When Buying a House

Drainage and Moisture Problems

Moisture doesn’t just attract pests to the property; it can also lead to serious and costly foundation issues. When walking around a home, you should make sure that all gutters, downspouts and splash guards are allowing water to drain away from the foundation to elsewhere on the property or the street. Grading should be professionally done to guide all water away from the home. There should be no visible pools of water or puddles in the yard, or it may be a sign the grading may need to be redone. If there are any crawlspaces underneath the home, they should be properly ventilated. The soil beneath the crawlspace should be covered with heavy duty plastic covering or another thick, durable coating.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are a critical part of keeping animals and pests out of your chimney, where they can be injured or enter your home. Any chimney on the house should have a durable chimney cap installed to keep rodents, bats, and raccoons out.

Window and Door Flashing

Even in newer homes, window and door flashing can be poorly or improperly installed. If you aren’t familiar with door flashing, it’s a thin piece of waterproof material that is installed around joints or small openings on the home to prevent moisture from getting inside. If your door flashing is upside down or not aligned with the siding correctly, you’ll be facing expensive repairs in the future and potentially letting excess moisture and pests into your home. You should also check the deck to see if there is ledger flashing. Many decks in the greater Baltimore area are installed without this must-have.


If there is exterior stucco going below grade on the property and it includes concrete, soil or asphalt, the chance this home will face termite damage is incredibly high!

Attic Ventilation

Are there screens on attic vents? If there aren’t screens on each vent, there is a high probability that stink bugs and other outdoor pests like squirrels and bats will try to move into the home right by your side.

Additions to the Home

Pay attention to any addition and/or alteration to the home if you’re looking at an older home. Even if the home addition was professionally completed, very tiny holes and cracks can allow termite and rodent entry. Don’t be a new homeowner forced to cope with these stressful pests! Instead, take your time and ask for advice from a seasoned pest control company like Brody Brothers. If you give us a call, we can visit the property to evaluate pest concerns so you’re a fully informed buyer.

Choose the Right Home with the Help of  a Brody Brother

Brody Brothers Pest Control works with hundreds of property owners every year to keep properties safe and free from harmful insects, animals, and pests. If you’re looking for home pest control in Maryland or if you have questions about pest inspections for your new home contact us online or give us a call at (410) 653-2121 (Baltimore region) or (301) 637-0178 (Montgomery County).