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Barrier Treatment

This is a treatment that does more than just kills mosquitoes on contact. Without emitting any foul odors, our formula can protect your family from mosquitoes for a duration of 21 days per treatment.

The lasting effects are due to the fact that after killing the mosquitoes it directly hits, the formula remnants settle on foliage and kills future mosquitoes that come to feed off the plant glucose or to rest.

The treatment is administered along the edges of bushes where mosquitoes feed, and although primarily meant as an effective mosquito control method, it has the added benefit of killing ticks as well.

Our barrier treatment – combined with source reduction with Altosid (as will be explained in this article) – contributes tremendously to providing a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable yard.

Brody Brothers is always careful not to spray indiscriminately and is conscious of your yard’s unique setting. As such, we are delicate in areas where children play, such as playground structures and your edible gardens. We will work with you in determining how best to approach your yard in the most unobtrusive and most effective way possible.

Synthetic Vs. Non-Synthetic Barrier Spray

Although it may be one’s initial inclination to assume that natural “organic” pesticide formulas are safer than their synthetic counterparts, this is not necessarily the case.

And this misconception might lead one to dangerously misuse of organic pesticides under the impression that they are not dangerous.

Toxicity is as much a matter of quantity as it is a matter of chemical make-up. For example, natural toxins produced by creatures such as puffer fish and sea snakes are immensely toxic but when used in extremely small dosage quantities have been found to be beneficial in some medical uses. By the same token, some artificial, or synthetic, toxins are only dangerous in large quantities.

Many organic pesticides are more toxic than many synthetic ones, and vice versa. Toxins that occur in nature are there first and foremost to defend their host against invading or attacking organisms. Therefore, they are often naturally very hazardous.

In short, the toxicity of pesticides has very much to do with how those pesticides are administered, rather than solely with what they contain.

Proper knowledge, care, and experience in dealing with any kind of toxin are essential to ensuring its responsible and beneficial deployment with any danger kept to a minimum, and the members of the SWAT Team possess these qualities to the utmost professional level. Just as we are dedicated to making and keeping your family and pets as far from harm’s way of dangerous mosquitoes and ticks as possible, so too we are determined to achieve this task in the most careful and responsible manner possible.

To be sure, all pesticides in existence contain toxins; that is precisely how they kill pests. Minimizing danger in pest control is largely dependent on the method and professionalism of application. That being said, the SWAT Team employs a special polymer in its treatment application that causes pest control formula to be more effective with a reduced pesticide content or allows for less frequent application sessions. This polymer ingredient in our formula assists the spray in enveloping around the leaves it hits instead of simply sticking near to its point of contact. This is especially beneficial for two reasons, those being that it allows for increased effectiveness with less pesticide content, and the formula gains much better coverage especially on the bottoms of leaves, which is where mosquitoes tend to rest. This enables us to use less-concentrated pesticides while still maximizing effectiveness.