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Baltimore’s Rats Are in the Spotlight

Baltimore has been seen on television and the silver screen for decades, from The Wire to Hairspray. The latest movie putting Baltimore in the spotlight isn’t about crime, it’s all about Baltimore’s rat problem.

The Film’s Inspiration

Theo Anthony, a Baltimore filmmaker, found his inspiration in an unlikely place—his trash can. One night he arrived home to loud sounds in his trash can and found a rat trying to jump out without much success. He never planned to have his first film center around the city’s most well-known pests, but the deeper that he dug into the problem, the more intrigued he was by what he found.

Highlighting the Rat Problem

The documentary does a great job at researching and highlighting the numerous problems with Baltimore’s past handling of rat issues. The problem dates back to the 1930s, when the city tried to get rid of the rat population using a substance invented by a Baltimore scientist, rat poison. Later down the road, the city discovered that rat poison caused rats who survived to breed more, causing an ironic increase in the number of rats in the city. At that point, Baltimore changed the rat control strategy to focus on improving resident living conditions instead of killing off rats.

The Rat Killers of Baltimore

Over the course of the documentary, viewers are introduced to numerous characters in the city working to deal with the rat problem. Some people are “rat fishers,” and place peanut butter and meat on the end of fishing lines to draw rats living in alleyways out. Another man profiled is a rat hunter who stands guard daily waiting to defend his home against any rodent invaders.

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